Quadruplets Plus 5 More Great Kids
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Quadruplets Plus 5 More Great Kids

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Mr. Mom

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Hi my name is Dennis Ross I am a father of 9 kids ages 4 to 12 with a set of Quadruplets. I have stayed at home for the past 12 years. Why because my wife makes more money then I can.     It works out find because I enjoy my kids so much. We were on the maury Povich show last fall and enjoyed that. And my kids have been in the paper 38 times. I like to talk about my kids. It would be great to get E-mail form familys with multiples.     At one time we had 8 kids under the age of 6. and I have had as many as 6 in diapers at  one time, and used up to 256 diapers a week, and five on bottles, at 210 a week (that was a lot of work.) I guess that's why the kids are always in the papers because Daddys just don't do that. At on time I didn't alway tell everyone I was a Mr. mom But after a while I didn't care. I will always be there for my kids and I don't care what people think.     My wife and I just think God that one of us can stay home to raise our kids so we can teach  them our values. If you ever get a chance to stay at home the rewards will be more then you can imagine. ( they grow up so fast, don't miss out dads.) New E-mail address Quad-Dad@juno.com

Email: quad-Dad@juno.com