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Fun poems...


As I walk in my room,
and I close the door.
I sit at my desk,
with my keyboard to explore.
I type in my password,
sighing softly with gratitude,
knowing with-in momentes,
I will be locked in solitude.
This world revolving around me,
will gradually start to cease,
as I type my way to "cyber land"
Waiting to feel the relief.
Now I am in our chat room,
talking with all of my friends,
laughing and telling my secrets,
no longer having to pretend.
Yes, this is my favorite place,
Where I can just be me.
To some I open my mind and soul,
I am where Lisa, can just be she.....
We all have our, "best friends,"
With ((hugs)) and our lovers too.
Some of us have even gone as far,
as typing the words, "I love you."
No it's not all roses and joy,
yes, we have troubles in here too.
Yet we always seem to work them out,
Just by being true.
I cannot count the times,
in which I was distressed,
then running to my chat room:)
I leave, no longer depressed

copywrite: 07/14/97 L. Hunter


To love another, is to love yourself
To judge another, there is no need
To be kind to others, is what love's about
Kindness brings thankfulness and opens doors,
that to others is shut.
Once those doors are open,
you will have been spoken with honor and gratitude.
Once you have honor and gratitude,
you will be remembered for the kind deeds done.
To be remembered for kindness, is to feel love,
To feel love from another,
you must first love yourself.....

copywrite 08/15/97 L. Hunter


The child that is crying,
needing love to survive,
think of that innocent child,
help keep her faith alive.
The man that lost his job,
so worried of his family,
think about this man,
for it could be you or me.
The mother that has slaved,
all her life for family needs,
think about this woman,
try helping her believe.
The beaten wife sobbing,
not knowing where to turn,
think of how to help,
this wife to cope and learn.
We all have different thoughts,
on which Gods we look up to,
spreading love around,
is up to me and you!
So, while we are here,
let's not judge or turn away,
reach your hand out,
in a loving, special way!

copywrite 07/25/97 L. Hunter

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