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There are no words,
for the sorrow I keep,
heck I'm so messed up,
I welcome nightmares as sleep.
The thoughts you bring to mind,
are still there with you in sight,
even your voice makes me tremble,
I have lost my will to fight.
You took away my dignity,
slapping me in the wall.
I did not show my pain,
until I started to fall.
You took away my happiness,
smelling the beer on your breath,
while you drank and laughed,
as your friend touched my dress.
I have fear with men now,
that will always be there,
for your number one lesson,
was for me to never care.

A lot of time has passed,
I am with children of my own,
yet, I am still here
giving you credit with this poem.
Why can't you see lady,
the things you did to me?
All of the while mother,
stripping me of my dignity.
You still laugh at me,
with your old worn eyes
staring straight through me,
with your same sweet lies.
Well now it's my turn,
to put myself to the test.
Hold everything inside,
laying it down to rest.

Copywrite:07-24-96 L Hunter


What is an unanswered prayer?
Is it my two babies, I don't see?
Or could it be as simple as
their cry,"momma doesn't want me?"
This is not true at all,
but, until the years fly past.
I will have to hear their whispers,
until they know longer ask.
The pain I feel flow through me,
is an unanswered prayer.
I wish I did not feel it,
but, would they still be there?
For one day I know,
I will hold them close again,
I did not harm or hurt none,
and I committed no sin.
So, hold tight to your memories,
my two boys of love,
for soon momma will be there,
if my prayers answered from above.

Copywrite:08-21-97 L Hunter


While your walking Lisa,
walking through the grass.
Wondering which step,
will ultimatly be your last.
And to all of the people,
that said they gave a "sh**,"
you betted on the wrong girl,
as, Lisa was not deemed fit.
Bi*** yes, I hate you!
The one that gave me birth,
on this so called planet,
everyone refers to as Earth.

Copywrite:06/12/97 L Hunter

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