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This poem is to all of you mothers,
that have faced the endurance of lost.
Longing for your child,
whatever your cost.
Sitting hours by the phone,
waiting so patiently.
to hear your childís voice.
Saying, " mama come and get me!"
As you call out her name,
when you try and sleep at night.
You awake with cold chills,
to another day in which to fight.
Do you think they realize,
as you ask the question when?
That terrible question,
To love and hug your child,
in an understanding way.
And as you walk by a poster,
showing a missing childís face.
Remember it could be you,
in that childs mothers place.
So, to all of you mothers,
with a silent plea and cry.
Never take your child for granted,
it could be your last good-bye.
Copywrite: Lisa Coffman, April, 1997


The contractions are harder,
I am feeling so bad,
this pain will not stop,
The nurse asks, "Where's dad?"
I glared at her and replied,
"I really don't care!
When I told him the news,
I was left standing there."
I don't want this kid,
but, as I thought it through,
my choices were thin,
this was all I could do.
The doctor says,"Push"
I said, "I can't anymore."
The pressure increases,
as the pain starts to soar.
Suddenly, it's all silent,
the tension begins to decrease.
It is finally over,
I begin to feel relief!
"It's a girl," said the doctor,
as he hands you to me.
My eyes look down at you,
the blanket is all I see.
I slowly pull it away,
and look in your eyes.
These feelings that I feel,
take me by surprise!
You are the most beautiful thing,
that I have ever seen.
I stare at your face,
thinking this must be a dream.
"I love you!" I cried,
"I am so happy you're here,"
My eyes are finally open,
now my life becomes clear.

Copywrite:Lisa Hunter, 08-30-97


When I saw you the other day,
daughter, child and wife.
I was proud to be a part of you,
proud you are part of my life.
I know you have a lot right now,
laying on your shoulders,
I just hope one day soon...
all this sh** will be over.
I tried my best,
to be the mother you deserved,
I feel I have done right,
regardless of what you've heard.
You make me so proud,
just by being you,
even if we are not as close,
our love is always true.
It was not that long ago,
you were my baby that I kept.
Having you, and raising you,
I have not one regret.
I wish I could have been more,
for you to look up to me.
Maybe one day you will know,
the choices were limited for me.
I did all that I could,
even in some cases lied.
You are where you are now,
living as a child bride.

Copywrite: 07/01/1997 L. Hunter


As I kissed you both bye,
everything was in such a mess.
The cat was meowing,
Charity was helping everyone dress.
I kissed each one on the cheek,
saying, "daddy's picking you up."
Glancing for a look at the time,
rushing.. a million things on my mind.
I kissed you both,
not holding you close.
Thinking I would see you,
with-in 2 days at the most.
Both of your blue eyes sparkling away,
seeing daddy a couple of days in his time.
If I could go back to that moment now,
you would both still be mine.
When the anticipation of your return,
made its way to my heart,
I opened the door.....
not knowing pure agony was too start.
The papers handed to me then,
I took them feeling pain,
I couldnít see the writing,
knowing it would stay the same.
Both of you were pulled away,
just like when I had you at birth.
This time the tears werenít of joy,
this pain really hurt.
I canít think of you too much,
although I miss you Coy and Cy.
If I let myself remember,
I would want to lay down and die.

Copywrite: 08/96 L Hunter


This is my story,
of my three babies with love,
they are my wishes,
granted by someone above.
Oh, yes it was hard,
for their daddy left home.
He had other plans,
and wanted to roam.
But, I never let them see,
my heart break in two.
I showed them love,
and tried my best to make do.
Their curly blond hair,
and eyes shining so bright,
filled all of my days,
with so much delight.
Then that weekend of visitation,
with their daddy at the door.
I never once dreamed,
he had more in store.
Yes, that one weekend,
that has lasted for two years,
unleashed all of my sadness,
and opened all of my fears.
Now, sometimes I wonder,
do they remember me?
Although my heart knows,
I will always have memories.
One thing I am thankful,
he did leave me one,
the other two babies,
are my youngest sons.
I guess why I wrote this,
for my little boy's blue.
Is to let them know,
your mommy will always love you.
Copy written: 08-19-97 L Hunter

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