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Dylan's Playground

Thanks for stopping by my page. My name is Dylan, and I am five years old. I am getting help from my mom to do this page. I wanted to put some of my favorites things on here so other kids my age, can enjoy this page as much as I did making it come true. Also, my little brother, Logan, who is one, has some babystuff that he likes, for even the younger kids. I should tell you that I am a boy, and love Football, Racing, and cartoons.

Look around, and I'm sure you'll find some...

This is my favorite place on my webpage...

Come see the cartoons that enjoy watching!!!

I love Beavis and Butthead. They are the best. I've watched them since I was a baby. Me and my Best Friend Sawyer even act like them sometimes!!!SCAaaRrrrY!

Click on the NFL icon below to go to my Football Page!!!

I also collect and love....

Logan's little brother


Cool Games and fun things to do!!!
The Nickelodeon Webpage
My Mom's Webpage. Tell your parents to check it out!!
My dad's Webpage. Its cool!!!
My Best Bud's Webpage!!! HI SAWYER

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