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Dylan's Spiderman Page

No matter how you look at him...

This is Spiderman without the mask,PETER PARKERand this is his girlfriend/wife.....Mary Jane.Who could forget his day job boss, Mr. Jamison

These are most of Spidey's Friends...

The Lizard is Spiderman's friend when he is a man, but as the lizard his is a very stong enemy

The Prowler, is a friend now that Spiderman put him in his place

Black Cat is a lady that has a crush on Spidey(meow)

These are most of Spiderman's Enemies....

VENOM is one of spidey's worst enemies

KINGPIN is the "godfather of crime" that Spiderman fights against on occasion

Chameleon is one of Kingpin's guys that can change into anybody that his belt buckle can see

Another one of KingPin's goons...The Rhino

Shocker is another, can you guess what he does?

Smythe also runs a organation of crime

These guys just dont like ole' spidey...

CARNAGE is another bad enemy that is ruthless

Vulture is a old man in a young guys body

The Octopus (Dr.Octavious) Mad Scientist

Now a Scorpion and a Spider dont mix!

Mysterio (the Majician) Can really throw some illusions

Morbius likes to eat human beings to stay alive

Hey it is the Green Goblin, and its not Halloween yet!

HobGoblin is kinda like the Green goblin with a attitude
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