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I know that I am young but thanks to my dad I know alot about football. I can even tell you the names of every football team just by looking at their helmet!! This page is just about a few of my favorite teams and also has some links to the pages for you to find great football stuff!!

There are alot of teams in the NFL but my favorite is the Greenbay Packers!!
My Dads is Dallas Cowboys so you can imagine that we don't always agree on Gameday!!

I also love Tennessee football, especially the

One day when I'm older I am going to Play for Tennesee and be the next Peyton Manning!!! I'm already Practicing.

Maybe when the oilers move to Nashville and me and my Dad get to go to their games I will like them better.

My Favorite Teams Webpage

The Offical NFL Website

Offical website of the VOLS!!