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L I N K I N G Repeaters, Huntsville Repeater
Repeater Info
Make, Models, Controller, Duplexer(s), FeedLine(s),Antenna(s)
KF4TNP Repeaters
A List of The Repeaters Owned and Operated by KF4TNP
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Repeaters  linked on Demand
List of repeaters tied in for wx, and other services
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Tower(s), Local Hams, Antenna(s), Repeatersl, Tower Sites etc.,
Radio Software, Schematics, Mods(Repeater)
Scanner List
Fire, Police, EMS

List of Neat Site with LOTS if INFO
Lots of Repeater Related Info. 
3 HAMS and a Set Of Duplexer
Take a look a this site, where they go han in hand building 6m duplexers,
The Grounding System
Grounding Pictures at Tower Site

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 Below is The NHRC4/M2 Repeater Controller