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Her torch it burns forever
A gift to all so proud
For people of all nations
Dreams have been endowed

Lady filled with honor
Who welcomes all with pride
No nation of the universe
Denied this sight worldwide

Hearts all filled with hope now
As they stepped upon our shores
Each one a different people
Each one our great mentor

We welcome you with royalty
Your right now to be free
No matter what your nation
Our torch of love you'll see

Come you have a place now
To do your very best
Upon the land of freedom
With courage you are blest

Upon these grounds each footstep
That left a print so clear
The love of those before you
Have left their treasures here.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
2001, used with permission



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I would like to thank Everlasting_Friends
for this award
It makes me proud to be a part of this group
Bob AKA Hubb




I would like to thank KuntrySue
for this award
Bob AKA Hubb




I would like to thank Bumkin
for this award







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