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SPECIAL EDITION!!! Fantasy's State of ProWrestling

Welcome to the latest edition of Fantasy's Thoughts. I apologize for not updating sooner but I have been busy with work and other personal agendas. I want to go a little different way with the column this time so please bear with me.

In my last column, I stated that I did not like the way prowrestling was headed. But I dont think it's a problem or has caused society as a whole problems. Anyway, here in the last few months you may have seen many shows and newspapers(ie Inside Edition or USA Today) speak negatively abvout prowrestling's effect on today's society, particularly it's youth. This has even more so become a topic of the media since the tragic death of Owen Hart and the recent announcement of Rena Mero sueing the WWF. Anyway, this is where I disagree. Prowrestling is not the problem, and society along with the media is just using our form of entertainment as a scapegoat. So that is what I want to discuss in this column.

First, wrestling's critics talk about violence. Once again, I still stay on my position of wrestling glorifying violence, but so does Hollywood, and other forms of entertainment. What about shows like NYPD, Walker-Texas Ranger, LeFemme Nikita, Silk Stalkings and other such shows. Not to mention today's cartoons that young children watch are equally as bad. And also, why talk about the violence in prowrestling when you see it in other pro sports. Yeah I guess that scuffle on the sidelines of a basketball or football game, or those two hockey players out on the ice bashing one another's heads in isn't violence--yeah As If...!!! Come on people, get over it. That's what society is coming to and yes that's what's being accepted. We may not like it but we have to deal with it.

Another thing that really disturbs me is that how does the mainstream media and the general public know so much about prowrestling? People you gotta be there, you have to be in the lockerooms. I admit that I dont know that much about what goes on in the lockerooms and arenas of the big time stars, but I can give you some input on the life of a small indy fed wrestler. These are workers just like you and I who are simply just trying to make some sort of living by earning a few more bucks for their families or workers who are just doing it as a sideline. You know, Kevin Nash, did make a good point in the 3/1/99 forum on his site when he said,"'Why dont these places like Inside Edition ask people like me what the prowrestling world is all about.'"("The State of Prowrestling"--Kevin's Forum, March 1st,1999 @ Well the answer is simple, Kevin would tell them the truth and then they would no longer have a story to boost their ratings or they wouldn't have anything to blame society's stupidity on.

Another thing the mainstream media uses prowrestling for is as a scapegoat for drug use. First off, hey, what sport doesn't have a problem with drug use. You see it in football, basketball, hockey, etc. Need I go on? Not to mention how you also find it in Olympic sports like swimming or weightlifting. But, then it's not just in sports. Drugs can be found in other entertainment worlds like in Hollywood or onstage as in music. And would you know it, drugs are there in our schools and on our nation's streets. Yeah, and I guess prowrestling causes that too, huh!?! Puhleez...whatever!!!

The bottom is people, prowrestling is a form of entertainment. While I myself dont necessarily agree with where it's been going here lately, I'm not going to blame a form of entertainment that I love for society's self-created problems. So to Inside Edition and USA Today I say this, worry about informing the people about real life issues facing our nation, like our government and our President for instance(hint, hint) and less in what we view as entertainment in prowrestling.

If you dont like where society is headed, do something about it. Don't blame prowrestling for your own problems. Another thing, if you dont like what you see, dont watch. Parents, if you dont like what your children are seeing, turn the channel to like Disney, or Nickelodeon, or something. Just remember before you diss prowrestling, look at your local newspaper, or watch your local news. Drugs, sex, and violence has become a norm in today's world. The only thing I see is that prowrestling is depicting the problems of today and where society is headed if nothing is done. But hey, if you cant accept it, dont watch it.

Kevin Nash really had some great views about the negativity the mainstream media has put on our form of entertainment--prowrestling. So check out what Big Sexy had to say about it at Until next time...Peace Out!!!