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Brian Keith Davis September 1975-May 2001

In Memory of Brian Keith Davis

Hello, internet pals!!! I just wanted to dedicate this page as a memorial to my brother-in-law and friend, Keith Davis.

Why this Memorial?

I made this page as a memorial to a person who really meant alot to me. Keith is my husband's youngest brother and probably my best guy friend. We always hung out together. It would always be Keith and his wife, my husband and I, and my youngest sister-in-law(whom some of you know as Butterfly)and her boyfriend. It was like we were a clique and that when Keith died a part of our clique went away. Following I will share some of my special times with Keith and well and let you get to know this great person that I had gotten the honor to know and love.

Memories of Keith
I have many memories of Keith so let me share them to you in this way...kinda like a poem or narrative I guess...

I never knew what it was like to loose a friend. That is until I lost you. Your smile, your laughter, your jokes constantly ring in my mind. It's so hard not seeing you these past few weeks but I guess I've just gotta let go. I mean the things we did together: watching wrestling or you used to pick on me about how I liked Kevin Nash or how you used to get mad when Al Del Greco would miss a field goal. Or how you would catch me dancing to Destiny's Child when you would take a break from working out with Jack..Or when we were hanging out with at one another's places, of course come supper time shells and cheese were a part of the dish, you working out with Jack, the too few holidays that I shared with you, not to mention all those trips to Shoney's, your first of many tennis matches and let's not forget our trip to Gatlinburg(2000)...Wow the memories!!! You know you always said Jack and I would end up married and I am so thankful that God allowed you to see that happen. And I feel so blessed that you were a special part of that moment. Then there's always your wedding day and the births of Shifter and Emily. You waking us up at around two am...'It's a girl'...:0)I truly feel blessed to have been such a part of that and of the children's lives. Just know that I love them so much and that I'll do my best in being a positive influence in their life. How could I forget those times at church when you first joined, your first service with us, your baptism, or looking back to your seat as I stood singing in the choir and seeing tears of joy and comfort fall down your face...Noone was able to hurt you or discourage you there and noone will again...Wow the memories...I know we may never to be able to make more here but I know I'll see you again one day when we meet in Heaven. Until then my friend, I love you and I miss you...Thanks for these memories...Your sis-in-law here on earth but sis in Christ, Leslie

To My Family and Our Friends
I first want to say that I truly love each of you. I've never seen a more closer knit family as our's. Let's keep it that way and not let any adversary come between us...To Jack, I love you so much and will always be there for you. I know this is hard but together with God and much love we'll make it!! Let's just hang in there!!! Max and Edith, you all are the best!!! It's like instead of in-law's I have a whole other set of parents. Thank you for everything. To Charley(Butterfly), girl, what can I say about you? Watching you grow into the wonderful young lady you are makes me proud to say that you are my sis-in-law and friend. I wish you nothing but the best life can offer. I love ya so much. Good luck to you and that fiance of yours!!! To Shifter, Emily and Jeffrey...You guys mean as much to me as everyone else and I want you to know that everything I say and do is from the heart. If you ever need anything I'll do my best to help. I love you guys alot and I want to show it by being there for you. Just understand that your Aunt Leslie isnt perfect by no means but I'll do my best to help make sure you always have what you need in life. I love you all and look forward to being a part of your lives.

To everyone out there who may read this: Please, if you must do drugs or drink make sure you dont get behind the wheel of a car. I lost my best friend because someone was too careless to use her head and think of the consequences and heartache that could result in such actions. Just remember us in your prayers and that maybe hearing of this death may open someone's eyes. Thanks to everyone of my internet friends who have prayed for us and who have provided support when it was needed...I love each of you so much and may God bless you all!!!


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