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Barnett Family

This all started with me wanting to know who
my Grandparents were on my Fathers Side. Over the last few years
I have researched My ancestors and my Husbands. I have a lot more in my data base. if you think you can tie into any of these lines
please email me.
Also I have done my research on the internet,
and from other researchers, and my research, Not all information in these lineages have been verified By Myself.
Use the information at your own discretion. If you have information different from mine would like to hear from you.

John Barnett and Sarah are located in Rhea Co. Tenn in 1823 Tax Records and next in The death of John Barnett in 1831
The off spring of John Barnett And Sarah?

Harrison Barnett and Hannah Marie Hassler
William Barnett and Margaret Mongomery
James R. Barnett and Charlotte West
Elizabeth Barnett and Samuel Minnick
John Barnett and Malinda West
George Washington Barnett and Malinda Henry
Sarah Barnett and Joshua Goad ... created by Sandra Fry, July 1997

last date modified: 23 Jan 2000