The Nightmares Legend

BioTech Industries : 1999 Lucian Burnside sat at his desk with his usual cup of hot java, and the morning paper before truly starting his work for the day. He was the leading reseach scientist in Biological Technology. His goal was to create a cyborg that wouldn't become defective when the loss of cell tissue and vital organs started to deteriorate, as well as keeping the destruction of the skin, and vital organs from even happening. In the years of his employment, he had used several techniques, that if found out bye the FDA, CIA, NSA, or even any other branch of the goverment, other than his boss, he would be: interrogated, killed, and tortured. And in no particular order either. He could let that happen. Lucian was close to finding the "Cure" for his problems. After three-hundred years, the technology to perform these experiments has into his hands. There is just one problem. He doesn't remember anything of his greatness and what he could accomplish. For you see, Lucian knows nothing of himself. Lucian only knows that he looks Thirty-five and is making alot of money doing the job he has always loved to do. No one knows why he forgot. No one knows how he got it back. Only that he did lose it, and did regain it. BioTech Industries : March 1999 "Come on man. Tell me how you did it? I know you got the grant money---" "How did you find out about the grant money? Did Sam tellya? I bet that little bastard told ya huh." "Yeah he told me, so what? Anyway, I heard you might have come up with the miracle cure for the new Psych Genome Project. Is it true? Please tell me it is? This cure would revolutionize the worlds way of thought and how the goverments would be run all over the world. Your deal is the new Tech Borg right? Mine is the Genome Project." said Johnathan "Yeah well, don't get your hopes up, but I think I cracked the code for the Synaptic breakdowns. The one that caused the two deaths last week in testing. Well, when I was looking at the genetic structures you have them set up for, you overloaded them with Namcron. That is what caused the Synaptic breakdown. But your cure is here in the Medula Oblongata, and the synpasis again, you do not have a plate in the heads of the test subjects to keep it from bursting. Also add some potassium maganate to the chemical mix you add to their brains to clear away the organic build-up in the power cells and neuro-tronic brain. Because whatever you guys did to them, the brain is voluntarily shutting down. It cannot think fast enough, and when it does, it explodes." I explained "Damn, why didn't I know that. Ah well. I suppose it's cause all the pressure the boss is getting on this one, then he puts it on me. I have never drunk this mcu in my life." and with that he walked out.

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