Valkrie Chonicles: Volumn II Aftermath

He explained to them what had happened when thy were dead. The details were astonishingly horrible to them. Wizard left saying he might return. Morlock looked at Valkrie with horror on his face. Two hikers were walking past them at that moment and looked at them funny. As time passed, they just walked, till the got to Devils Mountain. "What on earth happened here?!" one said. "A war if you ask me. Do you think those guys a few miles back seen this?' mentioned the other. "No way, and if they did then they should report it. Hey why don't we?" the first proclaimed. Meanwhile Valkrie was helping Morlog pack. "Why ya leaving?" "The battle was just too much, besides what happened afterwards. Wizard sure scared the hell out of me. I just can't take it anymore." "Well, you need my help on Mars you hollar. Man, you better watch yourself. I can't always save you." said Valkrie Valkrie switched on the T.V. to watch the news. "Hi, this is Janet Long for Channel 19 news. Our top story today is aboutthe Sierra desert----" Valkrie ran to get Morlack. When they arrived the news story was still on. "----day two hikers stumbled upon a bloodbath of carnage in this very desert. We go to John Sang for a live update John." "Well Janet, as you can see, there are body parts and blood all over a two mile square area. These two hikers, Sam and Max, found the horror. Sam what do you have to say about this?" "Well me and Max here, were hiking along when we see three guys about four miles north of here. They looked kind of funny, but we didn't really care. So we see this and we thought maybe they had something to do with it. Max here almost lossed his lunch when we found this place." "Max, what do you have to say about this?" "He won't talk to you because he seen this and went in shock." "Well Janet, back to you." "Thank you John, next up-----" Valkrie turned off the t.v. and left the room and went to a window. He saw, at a distance, lights from the police and Galaxy Police 1 rovers. Morlog left without saying a word. Morlock went with and drove him to the spaceport. The space port of Shinga was four sttories tall and without alot of windows. Morlog went in to go to Mars. The inside was brightly lit and smelled of a hospital. He then went up two floors by a teleporter, then to gate 14. Travel by space ship wasn't very popular, but he liked the sight. He never went by teleporter. Morlock went back to Devils Mountain to talk to Valkrie but he wasn't there. Three days passed before Valkrie showed back up at the mountain. The massacre of the Sierra was still being broadcasted all aroundd the world and on to others. "Morlock, anything happen while I was gone?" "No, not really. Where did you go anyways?" "I went to my sisters. She's dead." "Oh! I'm sorry." "He got her. Wizard got her. He left this note." Valkrie, Told you I might be back. I decided to not be your friend. I'm gonna kill you instead. It was signed Wizard.

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