Welcome to My poem section. Here are three of my own blend of creativeness and inspiration. Enjoy.


Pity, pity to all those who suffer. Grieving for the one you love,Cry for your destiny Pitty, pity to all those who suffer.A flight to heaven, or trip to hell,lie for your loved ones loss. Pity pity to all those who suffer. Yet if we did that then we all need pity.


Many a night I fell asleep with her.Only to wake up alone. Such mad wack passion, deep inside her. Why did she leave my home Ah, now I see, it was for the good of us, You only wanted to save me Now we'll be together forever. M'Nightangel Each day I look into my mind, just to see her picture. All I needed was the mental ability to deal with her leaving now. But I saw it was to let me have you longer. To be lovers always. Now with our passion united I love you. M'nightangel Sorrow escapes when she dicides to contact me.Deeply saddens me. What will she do without me there to help her through it all? Oh, I see,you visit my dreams to help you along. I miss you my lover, M'nightangel So manytime I cried for her. and yet she looks in on me. Through my window she keeps a hold of the love we had. Yet, you did not know I would die wothout you I'll bleed for you M'nightangel Alone and cold I sit and await her arrival, to see her again. A little cut in my wrists can make her cry, while I sit in the tub dreaming. I'm sorry, without you, death is my alternative to this hell. I will wait for you M'Nightangel To: Stephanie Hawkins

The Raven....Explicit Language. Parental Advisory

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I fucked her weak and weary. I had heard a tapping, as if someone rapping, rapping at my chamber door. We kicked and bucked, as someone decided to watch us as we fucked. Out the window my eyes had turned, and with that a raven was spurned Loudly, loudly she moaned and cried, my love inside her and with that I sighed The window flew open and the raven walked in, and he watched us as we commit sin. "Oh, oh, sweet Michael, will this night last on?" with that I went till dawn. Answering her question with such ease, "Nevermore" the raven said with a tease. I looked about the room and sought imagination as an answer, all I saw was the raven and thought of it as a cancer. Pounding and grinding we kept on going, while I thought of our hoeing. "My whore, little whore" I said with the tappping at my chamber door. Wet and wild, we got sticky, and I gave her one hell of a hicky.