if I go to hell Ill know Jesus caused it to laugh at me like he said he would do every time he thinks of me

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  • 11-2006-dont do it again, said, you need to, count, the cost, God is, stripping, bob, to, make, him, fall away, because, he will not, do, everything, Jesus, wants, him to do, like, walk in circles, and spin when stopped, every step, every day, all day, up and down, the steps, and, even, when, making, coffee, this is, to, destroy, him, and will, stopped, because, despair, so God, lets, fiery darts, destroy, his gums, and, strips, his, heart, of, desire, to live for Jesus, when, it, no desire, left, but, and, even, teased, for, about, eight months, till, piercing, bobs, heart, throwing, him in rage, about, 100 times, to, make bob, fall away, because, he wants, him to, be made an example of, your out, said, thepaul mooney girl, if, what, the LOrd, says, you, are, casted, out, of, the ministry, from, here, forth, you are, cut off, the LOrd, says, I did, not, want, bob, to be exalted, so, and that is, people, looking up to him, so I cast him out, even if, it means, going to hell, to keep people from looking up to bob, and Jesus laughed, at bobs, calamity, cut off, God says, let, me, drive, bob, off, and, bring him back, and!, do it again, I did this, to everyone of my servants, so, they would learn, to, deny, them, selves, God says, you are, going to quit, because, you, can, not, stand, with, me coming against, you like, this, and Im not backing off, because, I want you to, fall, to make, you an example, out of, you, the very first, time, God, teased, bob, it, peirced his heart, and he did it, over, God says, if, you, dont, leave, I, will, cast, you, off, the planet,
    persecution 2008-visions recieved 7-2008-in on vision I saw Jesus and he said something like, "carress peter", and in the other, he said, "loose hair". pray for me, God told me to not put this page up, and I said after about 1 1/2 years of this, stop or, pray for me, despaired unto life, except these bonds, persecution, persecuted, pray for me, killed all day long, now face ripping, bagging, stretching tached on, face lift, ceartainly, if, and now Lord trying to make me speak blasheme and has tried to get me to get people to speak blasphemy against HOly Ghost, like making up really down, yes, really no, now exzemia like on body, God intimidates me, strikes me, tells me he wants me to backslide, "im going to put you out in the world for 30 days for no reason? God told me to fast to the brink of death to be stripped of flesh, and then cause I would die, he will have mercy, hell will be full of people, dont you agree, im being teased by God like probably many do a little dog, tortured, like last night pain came in my head, and up late and could not sleep, and it worked on, and I see Jesus laughing at me in visions after he hits me many times wanting to throw me in a rage, with the hope of making me backslide to embarras, im now kind of fasting to the brink of death like Jesus told me I would have to and I told him, fix damage in face, hair, or ill have it fixed, if you get saved, and let the Lord make you stay single like I was made then, this day will come for you, like it did me, and God laughs at me in visions for staying single, you will have no one to help you. I tried twice to comit suicide, starting van, running hose from exhaust to mouth thru window, God told me he sent gabriel to stop it, like the song said, "hell is for children", so if you see a christian walking the streets that was on fire the other day, now looks like, well, dont judge, read this page, request pray for me, ive made moves to get face lift now, in about 4 months God has worked to destroy my face, God kept telling me to backslide, get away from me, go into the world and sin, he kept telling me he could not bare having me around him, and he told me I did nothing wrong, but wanted to make me an example of being exalted and abased, thats brought to nothing, and I did nothing wrong and wanted to stay out of heaven, even as im wriring this It feels like a tongue on my penus, God teases me, tortures me like is on this website, and he told me he will drive me to suicide, im amazed and told God many times, how can you hate me this much, and he would keep telling me, I know, but teased, pray for me