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if I perished I would not be suprised since Jesus tortures me, Jesus calls satan the Father of lies but Jesus lies

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  • this is what Jesus told me about why he persecutes
  • vision recieved 10-11-2006-I keep seeing the face of a man that lo!oks like Jesus, and he says things like, keep tumbling, keep slipping-and after im angry he says things like, gotya, I got you, I made you sin, I made you backslide-(teased)killed all day long-(daily-things like this is said to me by Jesus, and I see him, and he says, it usally when it will hurt my heart)I kept seeing maybe me in visions, and my butt was about level with my back. If I starve myself LOrd, will you back off. Im seeing Jesus in visions now, and im being mocked). on about 10-10-2006-I saw a face that looked like Jesus, and he said, abased.(this happens lots-a Spirit that looks like Jesus will say, abase, and things like, that. I see him laughing at me all the time. my desire to live for Jesus keeps getting pulled right o! uot of my heart, once, it was like it was peeled right off,(imagine tha(also I saw Jesus and he came down with like a needleand poked it thru my heart, and all my desire to live for JEsus poured right out)(also, i saw Jesus in a vision and he c!ame down, and had a pin and poked it right thru my heart. All my desir e to live for JEsus if I rememeber right poured right out) and my gums are infected, and wont heal. This morning, I felt pain come into my head that was very painful, and my ability to breathe was like cut in half, meaning, I really needed more air than I was taking in. About last month, I got up and could not use the restroom, and I remember it was like a tear was starting to swell in my eye, but it was immediately fixed. I being destroyed, (killed)all day long, and it sucks big time-I keep seeing Jesus in visions and he says things like, "I got you", "I caused you to backslide", "I caused you to commit iniquity". On 1-30-2007- received 10-12-2006-I heard something like this, you were having fun till fiery darts and gum recession, ! now.(depths of satan-cast into a prision possible tilldeath) 10-12-2006-a man walked by and this is about what I heard him say, fall, fall, fall, 10-12-2006-God keeps stripping bob, of his desire, to live for Jesus, to, throw him away for about tw!o months, so that, he will, want bob again, he used bob up, and doesnt need him anymore, gotcha, said JEsus, firey darts, and gum recession, ha, ha, says the LOrd, and you can not do anything about it, God is wanting bob to backslide, so, he can show, the whole world, that, he can cause people, to fall away for no reason, bob, gets his desire stripped every time it builds up, peeled right off his heart, God hates bob, and bob, hates God, I aint gonna do it, says, Jesus, God, can see, that, he is, stealing, bobs, desire, for no reason, using, firey darts, causing, and he saw, teeth, falling, wiggling, this will lead to that, God caint do it, much longer, because, bob will not last, bob will, be, stolen, by, hiding, not, doing anything, till, the wrath of Jesus, goes, and, it will not,because, bob would not, spin, and walk in circles, when stopped, all day, every day, (I found out abut Jesus back in 89, and it seems the gum recession started bigtime right there. I told God th!at I was made to walk striaght or, and im not allowing the Holy Ghost to make me from inside, walk in cirlces or spin when stopped no more. (this is a good one, thats walk in circles inside store, spin when making coffee, and I was even told many times, that at church, spin until the police come to remove me-sorry Lord, I dont go to church to do that, nor will I let you make me despaired by doing this in me no more..that is what this causes, and God knew it, and that is probably why he wanted me to do. new tortures replaced) This could go on to the point that I collapse from spinning so fast, like ablur to people that see me. THis is meaning less, and aint happening no more, God let me know this was destroy and it would take about one day)(I did this, and, stopped many times, and this caused me to despair to the point, I knew in my heart, this would put me in hell, so the last time, I was told to go to the sppedway checkout counter and spin till the police come and remove me---I saw me in a vision in a straight jacket praying on my knees, with now pants or underwear on-