Jesus told me he wanted to make me backslide to laugh at me, tell others I did not want to go on for him

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  • this is what Jesus told me about why he persecutes
  • God speaks on 6-14-2008-I am tempting you to sin to make you loose your salvation, that is persecution, I will not stop until you die, I start killing all day long when you get filled with HOly Ghost, saith GOd, on about 5-31-2008-I saw Jesus in a vision or a man that looked like Jesus and he said, or I heard this, "put your mom in the lake, kill her for me". since I got baptized with the HOly Ghost in about 1997 and , and right now IM in fellowship of the Father, and that is staying in visions and hearing God speak thru Jesus or ministering spirits, which I see, all the time unless im talking or doing something bloxing it out, . I saw Jesus in a vision and im going by memory, and I was there with and Jesus had a prod, this is like what they poke cattle with, like pitchfork, and I saw in visions being stabbed with prod, like you use to stab cattle, and there was an edge, and the LOrd let me know he was pushing me to that edge, and that is using his prod, and when I fell over, he caught me in the air. Prodding is torturing, and a prod is like what they use to make cattle move, poke, stab with, with below torments and God spoke most of this, and I have been chased out by, many times, and now my face is ripping, bagging, sagging because of a new intruduced torment, when I blink, or turn head, its like muscles tighten, so they stretch, or maybe even move with my doing, much face damage,(i may look like a star wars character if this doesnt stop)(like last night, and it is 6-17-2008-under my eye tightened, and it was like that just about all night that I remember, and yes, new bag, both streteched, and I told Jesus, "ill have a face lift if you go to far" and being intimidated lots of the time cause when I twist kneck, muscles tithten, am im trying to not allow, and GOd told me that he wants to make it so I cant go on, thats where he wants me to offer sacrifice, that means, Hate God so much cause of what he is doing to me that I can not even bare thinking about him, toture me and make me jelous, and knows I cant do one thing about but backslide and he has told me many times to do that, to embarras me, and this is probably cause GOd has showed me the beast with seven heads and ten horns, most if not all bible mysteries, and he told me he doesnt want someone like me walking, he wants me hidden in the people, thats backslided, and tahts perish at end, and God has told me, Ive seen Jesus, "Im jelous", and has told me, "for no reason", and explained like, you were perfect and I became jelous, and im sure something will be tached on to this if I make it thru this torment, in visions received 2-2010-I saw Jesus and he said, "masterbate", "cum", "jackoff" will Jesus attack my 67 year old mom to laugh at me and persecute-vision received 7-2010-in vision and I'm going by memory, I saw Jesus and he pointed, and said something like, "now i'm going to come against her", and my mom appeared who has been mercy to me beyond, and my retarded sister whom Jesus told me to beat, but I didnt. Jesus speaks this 7-2010- I am turning you against me bob that is what I want to do, just like JOB, fast untill death, I will strike your family members with desease to cause you to hate,