get filled with God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost baptizm, then killed all day long by Jesus

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  • 1 PETER 4:18 And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? 3-5-2007-God, said, Im rubbing, your penus to make you quit, hours and hours to anger, this is killing all day, electric rubbing sensation, you will fall away from being offended, for hours, then I will heal you, then do it over again, and, hollie pointed, the LORd, is, flowing all over bobs dick, to offend, over 15 hours, now, that was Jesus, in room, bright, God, says, despair unto life, is what, Im doing unto bob, stripping his desire, to live for Jesus, he has none right now, paul told God you need to quit and God said, no, this keeps humble in my eyes, God said, I aba!te, for no reason, and, cant do it, forever, my servants top me, hollie showed played the organ, cause there aint no visions in penetecost, said the tap dancers, and hollielicked the prophet, you are mocking in your heart, abate said Jesus, you say if I, loose the LOrd, I have lost nothing, God, cant, bear, this, abate, and you laugh, and, say, cmon, but, I, will, not play, like a man, hollie pulled the ship, and, on the missile, write the vision said hollie, record, have mercy said hollie, Jesus, on bob, this is, mercy, says the LOrd, casting out, abating, to keep humble in my eyes, done said, Jesus, I, casted bob out, for two days, teasing, mocking, I, let electric impulses, masterbate him to, drive insane, and he, in his heart, called me satan, laughed, godam, mocked, and i, thought, I need to, quit, cause he will, make me, look like, a fool, on the, internet, and, already, has, just put your visions, on, the, internet, hollie and, the angel, licked, the, prophet, thats, the, vision, michael, gabriel, Jesus in the middle, firing judgments,explosions all over the world, your needed on the floor said Jesus, I needed you to keep humble,humble to me is, not, wanting, to live, for Jesus, and doing it anyway, thats why I stripped, you, now everybody that reads that page hates me, and you think, make them an offer and let them choose, which one, they like, best, sex and violence, and rock and roll or this, and you laugh, prophet said the paul mooney girl, will, you last said the woman, no, said, Jesus, if, it werent for my, needing somebody is what you say, bob, you know God is short handed and you have, said, to him, you willk, stop, watch, ill make, the laughing stock of the internet, and people, got you, said, JEsus, I can, torment, when you are, away, but, you, tough out, you are, planning in your heart, raking people to the website, knowing they will, read some of the picture page, you put picture on to make them familiar, thats the only reason, now God is hated by over 35 people, heres what, God, says, I cannot, let this, go on, you, in your heart, are, saying, cast me, out, Ill have fun again, Godknows it, now, God, needs, your approval, before he can do something, heres what God says, I, will, back off, I wanted, bob, to leave, and, mean it, but, he didnt, now, this page, exists, he threatened, I should have listened, he wont back off, and I know if, I cast him, out, he, will, at the very bery end, and I will, say, labor of love, saved, but, I want him, now, suffered, cast him out Lord is what they wanted, now your excuse is taken away, record, showed, hollie, you have an open door before, you, thats exalted, (God is casting me out right now, flowing on my dick-can yes mean no, and up mean down when)you think, thank you Jesus, for all that bullshit, but, watch, your not going to get a wife, God knows, if, certain ones surfaced, you would not ask my permission, marry, sex, God gave me a vision of me praying in a straight jacket, I feel electricity flowing all over my dick, an!d God knows this hurts and angers and offends me, but, that is what hewants or he wouldnot continue to do these things. I keep getting told that Something like, " I want you to backslide for two months, so you will hate me, and not come back, this is offending, all day long, saith the LOrd, and I Am the Rock of offense, stay, and get, whipped, all day, for nothing, but, leave, and I will not let you come back, saith the LOrd". Awesome stuff aint it. I remember seeing the angel of the LOrd in visions and he asked me why I put this page up and I saw hollie sitting in her white robe and she told, "to embbarras Jesus for what he is doing and to make him stop". I know I want the Lord to stop playing, "prodding" me, and about embarrasing, well, All I will say is, if I were Jesus, I would not want this to be my report. Pray for me, cause I believe that your prayers will back off this _____ _________ _______ the LOrds response: God wants you to backslide to hide you, and you wont come back, saith the Lord, cause, the world is, fun, I dont need, you n!o more, saiththe LOrd. HOly GHost baptizm feels like a Body your perfect size coming in, and It speaks in another language, tongues. ST. MARK 10:30 But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life. 7-3-2008-persecution is me the Lord trying to make you loose your salvation, by torturing, I say come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest then kill all day persecuting, torturing, to abase till you backslide, then if I miss I make you strong, then, destroy, ha ha saith God, what are you going to do about it, I made hell to abase and want people there saith God, many of my servants are there cause I torture, destroy, God speaks on 6-14-2008-I am tempting you to sin to make you loose your salvation, that is persecution, I will not stop until you die, I start killing all day long when you get filled with HOly Ghost, saith GOd, on about 5-31-2008-I saw Jesus in a vision or a man that looked like Jesus and he said, or I heard this, "put your mom in the lake, kill her for me". since I got baptized wiht the HOly Ghost in about 1997 and , and right now IM in fellowship of the Father, and that is staying in visions and hearing God speak thru Jesus or ministering spirits, which I see, all the time unless im talking or doing something bloxing it out, . I saw Jesus in a vision and im going by memory, and I was there with and Jesus had a prod, this is like what they poke cattle with, like pitchfork, and I saw in visions being stabbed with prod, like you use to stab cattle, and there was an edge, and the LOrd let me know he was pushing me to that edge, and that is using his prod, and when I fell over, he caught me in the air. Prodding is torturing, and a prod is like what they use to make cattle move, poke, stab with, with below torments and God spoke most of this, and I have been chased out by, many times, and now my face is ripping, bagging, sagging because of a new intruduced torment, when I blink, or turn head, its like muscles tighten, so they stretch, or maybe even move with my doing, much face damage,(i may look like a star wars character if this doesnt stop)(like last night, and it is 6-17-2008-under my eye tightened, and it was like that just about all night that I remember, and yes, new bag, both streteched, and I told Jesus, "ill have a face lift if you go to far" and being intimidated lots of the time cause when I twist kneck, muscles tithten, am im trying to not allow, and GOd told me that he wants to make it so I cant go on, thats where he wants me to offer sacrifice, that means, Hate God so much cause of what he is doing to me that I can not even bare thinking about him, toture me and make me jelous, and knows I cant do one thing about but backslide and he has told me many times to do that, to embarras me, and this is probably cause GOd has showed me the beast with seven heads and ten horns, most if not all bible mysteries, and he told me he doesnt want someone like me walking, he wants me hidden in the people, thats backslided, and tahts perish at end, and God has told me, Ive seen Jesus, "Im jelous", and has told me, "for no reason", and explained like, you were perfect and I became jelous, and im sure something will be tached on to this if I make it thru this torment, and I saw my face in a vision in 5-2008 and it had many knots, boil like, many, and in another, I was talking to a woman and not looking her in the eye, and this was cause I could not bear being facially destroyed, and being wrinkled every day, bagged, so Im faced with fasting until I die or, cause I can see that God is wanting to make it so I wont even want to come out of my room and be seen, to make me backslide to embarras me like he had told me he wants to do many times and has told me many times, "for no reason", and God scares me lots with HIS PROD, intimidate, strike, and what can you do, backslide for be tortured till you will not recover, and God has let me know, "Im killing you", thats making me hate Jesus by what he does to meand want to run, hate so much I cant even stand to talk to him, and I would see Jesus in vision and he would say things like, "bob get away from me", and has let me know if I fast and i have, "till the brink of death", and im tortured while fasting beyond ability to deal with, being teased, messed with many ways hurting my heart deeply, and GOd let me know he wants to do that, and in dream this morning, my eye pulled like bag, I felt and he let me know my mom is going to hell in antther, and hell is under my feet, and yours, and I keep asking God, why do you hate me so much, do you hate people, and I see people and ask God, do you hate them, do you hate that bird, or, do you hate this, do you hate that, whats it like to hate so much, and now if I fast till death cause God wants my face as he said, and I wont use the exact words, like the former prime ministers of ukraine, its a stumblingblok, I just think, put me in hell, go ahead, but I served and surrendered and was available to you, and for doing, so if you see someone backslided, maybe they were not willing to cut thier hand off like God asked me to do, and then he probably would have laughed at me like I see him doing many times after one of his strikes with his prod, and I have expressed thats, its sad YoU are over the existence so pray for me, and if you dont beleive it, good, but save yourself if you can and after you read this you to will say, "who then can be saved"? You will know after you read this what the oaklahoma bomber said is true, "if im going to hell, im going to have a lot of comapny", and just incase you dont believe, look what happened to JOB, and I saw him in visions with boils on top of boils, growing out, and God has told me scaring me and im always trying to recover, something like, "I want to make you an example of rising to the top and falling", " I want you to comit sin in front of those you witnessed to". I have begged God to stop till I almost cant no more, and I have asked him to take my life, and he has led me to attempt suicide twice, and sent gariel once he told me to stop it. So whether you pray for my life or death, thnaks, this makes me know, or I beleive it does why when the romanian pastor writes a book, and it talks about fasting and athe whole church fasting or many theere, possibly why they did. I saw Jesus in a vision and he said something like, "its funny not knowing if you will be able to stand tomorrow or not"(he said this to me like a smart ass, and I told God since this batch of God chasing me away from him to embarras me has been going on since about 9-2005, stop or Ill put it on net and reach out for outside prayer, God just spoke, "I will do it to everybody", "I just love it when you are so angry", I saw like an red possibly outlined Jesus in vision while I was lying on couch, and one thing he said was, "you little fucking runt", Please pray for me, cause about late 2007, I found myself cutting garden hose, starting van, sticking hose in exhaust, thru window, got in, under covers in back seat, hose in mouth, and later still alive, and God told me he sent gabriel to stop it, and I heard, "I led you", and gabriel will see people reading this, and if you read about how im being tempted to sin all the time just about, you wont like it, and it is worse then youll read, like I woke up this morning and all desire to live for Jesus was stripped right out of my heart, and I saw Jesus in visions and didnt record what he said, but he mocked me, scared, teased, like this morning, I saw Jesus and he yelled something like, "got you", I saw Jesus this morning, and he had brown hair, and he said, "om jelous. . Please pray for me. in vision I saw me in hell and fire was coming from hand or hands,