Jesus teases, tortures to make pittiful servant hate him, get Jesus to give you sign before you do something for him cause JEsus will lie and betray you to laugh

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    GOd told me, "I will make you hate me so much by persecuting you that you will not be able to bear living for me". I know ask God all day, often, why are you hurting me, why are you teasing me, why are you destroying me....if you read below this, you will not beleive, but I can beleive this, what one of the apostles said, "who then can be saved", God just spoke, "Im tempting you to sin", and often teases me saying something like, "I want you to comit sin in front of those that you witnessed to", and that is this persecution, being driven out all day, killed all day, meaning, no good, not wanting to go on, and some of the things that is going on is, I fell electricity flowing on, caressing, spiking, what I use the bathroom out of, teasing, sometimes like an electrical hand holding the end of it till I anger of, something entering into heart, bringing wrath, making me hate, stripping out all desire to live for God, and even Jesus came down like a lighted man, and had a pen, and he poked a whole in my heart, and all my desire to live for God drained out, this happens all the time, I wake up in the mornings and mouth feels like it is clamped shut at times from desease, fiery darts, etc, teeth have pain, from piosonuous fiery darts taht feel like electrical pens being shot in and poison being spued out, and I see Jesus in visions, and he laughs at me and teases me telling me about people around me that they did what they wanted, and I lived for him, and he knew he was going to do this, my hair has fallen out and I feel electricty come down on head, and the LOrd just spoke and I saw him, "you gotta a abase coming".. I see Jesus in visions all the time and he says things like, "abase", and I see an eye winking at me, and this teases.......God has told me this page embarrasses both of us, him and I and he cant cope with it, and I told him, it should have been put up long ago, the first time, and I told God, one more, time, Ill put it on net.....if you read below this it is filled with the terror and I guess, my penalty for being batized with the Holy Ghost, and I hope you all make it to heaven, but, "who then can be saved". when I try to fast, im tortured so bad, that it is almost impossible, and God has told me something like, "I will do this until you leave", that means keep hitting me until I from the heart quit, and thru out my walk, this has happened, where God made me to quit, or threaten, then, he would stop and keep me again....., and God often makes me so mad I cant think straight, and has told me he wants that, and has pierced my heart, maybe a hundred times, meaning, threw me in rage, made my heart unhealable, and I would have to ask him to heal me, and he would, and he did this by teasing me, saying what he knew at the right time to say it, would throw me in rage, and has showed me, my mom, my retarded sister, and maybe even me, in lava, screaming.....retarded sister that has the mind of about a 6 year old. I have often wanted suicide and begged Jesus to let me die, and he showed me and maybe told me to go to my car and I saw me with a hose in my mouth, and that means, sitting in with it running and cabon monoxide killing me and I would have, and I saw, "lead me", and I was led to the door of the house. I have asked God so many times, "why do you hate me so much" is what God says right now, "im killing to keep you under my feet, you are not exalted in heart, but in revelations, Im not wanting you to backslide, but, if you will not stay, good luck to you". prophet: your making it so I cant stay, and all day hit me with this above torture and more. Jesus: im killing you all day long. prophet: do you want me in lava Lord. Jesus: im killing you all day long, for no reason, perish, or be set free, by fasting, prayer, but, I wont, because you are exalted in revelations....prophet: this is what I deal with, be set free, but you wont. God even teased me telling and maybe showing me that I tortures me while I work for him. Im often hitted till I quit in my heart, and God told me he wants me to threaten, and that is about qutting, and he enters into my heart, and somehow has the ability to make it not want to go on. I saw Jesus in a vision, and he said something like this, gentle, but, maybe smart ellic like, "I just love it when you are so mad"......uto here is what God spoke to me on 8-1-2007-im going to destroy you, cause, you are not needed no more, I used you till you were done and now I dont need anyone, no one can stand with me persecuting like I AM you, now, perish, you are doomed saith the LOrd, and I will mock you thru enternity cause you were number one, still are and I fought you all the way, to make you fall, by teasing, mocking, entering into heart and making rage appear, winking at you and entering into heart to anger, carressing dick, spiking it with electricity to anger, tease, saying what I know will hurt you, not helping, or keeping, to, make you undecided all day, slurring words, to anger, doing what I know will hurt you deeply, mortally, wound, for no reason, I the Lord, dont, need you, and want you to fall, embarrass you, and make you hated by all for the visions I gave you and you posted. God told me many times he will not quit until I backslide and has even told me that, after im out in the world for two months, if he misses me, then he will have no choice but to call me back and leave me alone, or I wont come back---God has told me he wants to make be backslide to embarrasss me, but, wont quench the flames of hell, or seemly make it possible for his slave, and that is all you are if you are saved, "dog" is what God told me, ......pray for me, cause God wont stop with my fasting, and prayer, and begging, etc.....God has told me many times, that he is doing this for no reason, and that I should fast, and pray till his heart smites...Its like im a little toy taht God is torturing, teasing, mocking, hurting me in my heart all day, and im suppost to try to change his heart, and havent been able to yet, and I did fast, and paul sought about thrice to get out of something and God said somehting like, "my grace is sufficient for thee", and God has warned me that I wont let him heal me in time, so its like You the LOrd want me to perish...tell the people that read this why. persecution is torture and read if God permits now I look at it like this, If I was Jesus, there are somethings I would not want the whole world to know Home Page I remember living in my van,