Jesus tortures me night and day

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    Jesus speaks this 1-11-2008-im abasing this prophet all day every day, tahts killing all day long, tempting to sin all day, wanting him to hate and serve, to crucify the flesh, saiht God -3-2008-I can not work with you if you wont let me persecute you, people were driven out cause of persecution, and I the Lord, did to abase". 3-21-2008-im going to make you leave for 30 days saith Jesus to ruin you, for no reason, by persecuting, stripping your desire to live for me by teasing, prodding, making you hurt deep in your heart, for no reason, what can you do about it, im not embarrassed, but being openly mocked, cause I torture my children saith God, you laugh at me in your heart, and say, come on, mock me, now, but in the next life, and he saw, said casey, prophet in lava, and I the LOrd, will mock you alway, and caused you to be lost for no reason, I hate you cause you will not walk in circles and spin when stopped, now hear the word of the LOrd, I Jesus would not either, and knew you wouldnt cause it will destroy all, and I put it in thier lives to destroy, none, saith God, made it, i wanted you destroyed, ill lead you to commit suicide, no im embarrased, saith God, cause you put on net for people to see what goes on behind scenes email at im like a little voodoo doll that God tortures to make me backslide, as he has told me, why are you doing this Jesus? Jesus: Im ruining you all day to kill you all day long. me: youve been doing this since day one, do you save people to put them in hell later? Jesus: I want my slaves humble in my eyes and thats when they do not want nothing to do with me no more. Me: that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of, since im not lifted up, it appears to me that you are torturing me to muse and make me backslide if you can and you have many times to embarras me. Jesus: I torture to ruin. Me: I can see you wont do anything but speak stuff I will not receive and sounds stupid to me: Jesus: I hate you because you are exalted in revelations: Me they are you revelations o God of heaven, so put me in lava for being one you showed things to, and by the way, I tell that God led me twice to comit suicide, why did you send gabriel Lord to stop it, since you hate me so much for no reason, as you have told me many times. Jesus: fuck you saith God, like on about 4-27-2008-its like im in water, and I cant breath, afraid and in pain, and in one, I cant breathe, or barley can, and I say, george, dont, and my sister has the mind of a child and God lets her see george in visions and he was our dad, so george was Jesus, I seem him talking to me, wants me to say things to people to cause them to speak blaspheme against the HOly Ghost, ripping lines, bags in my face, carressing dick with electricity, call me electric dick ministries, entering into heart, stripping out all desire to live for him, and Im unaccountable, cause crooked now from fight as kid, God spoke most of this page, or lots, read and ask him why he supposedly loves sinners, but does he hate the ones that get saved? I just saw Jesus in a vision, he said, "God said take that off", then laughing Jesus ---lets make a deal Lord, quit, repair, or, paul talked about him being weak and God strong, that must be when God pounds me all day to make my heart hate him, not even be able to bear living for him, and God led me to comit suicide twice, but still alive, o and God gave me dream where I was on floor slobbering and pastors approaching, and desired me to to this at a meeting to get those pastors to speak blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, and I saw Jesus in vision and he spoke in ear, "God, dam", "God dam", to person, to make them speak blaspheme, God just spoke, "im going to make you suicide" go for it, im unaccountable like all handicapped people, I dont care, and and God tole me he falls on people to tease them, this must be those that are cut off, and I told God drive me to far, and I will fast till you repair all, God gave me a vision and I saw a man, but could not see his face, and he was having anal sex with me,