Jesus scares me by what he says to me

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    vision of me being-vision recieved 6-8-2007-in this vision, I saw a nude me, and I saw a nude JEsus come and he got me in the rear, and let me know that he was me. Dont beleive it, read this page again. I saw my sisters face and she screamed, noooo, I saw maybe my mom and she was lowered into the fire or, with glowing red face, and I saw a building burning on the inside and God told me something like, Im burning out all of your desire to live for the LORd, 7-6-2007-approx 3:58 p.m.-thus speakth the LOrd of hosts, I persecute my children, to keep them humble in my eyes, like it, or not, to keep them, humble, not, exalted, paul, spoke about, serve JEsus, bob took down, cause, his best friend gabriel, was given permission to speak, with out Jesus, threatening, and he said, record, take, down, he is, more mature, then, you are, but, like you, and arch angel, lit, beautiful, bob, loves, me prophet is sorry if I wronged anybody in any way, including you Jesus, and you told me that I would appologize, and its in sincere somewhat, but, seek Jesus, you all, and lastly if precious Jesus will Allow, Im wondering, and desiring to hear what Gabriel would say to all, and here is what: I saw gabriel, and he said, shh, and pointed at Jesus, well, I guess thats one thing I love about the angel gabriel, very humble, puts Jesus first, and he is like you, has a mans heart....shame on you, is what God says, said, gabriel, to janetmck and arron shutt, dee finney, and david shapiro, dancan rouleau and his children like matt brady and michael doran and Jonah Weiland and larry l. lawrence and lawrence forman and the reverends jeremy taylor and antonia vladimirova and dee finney and the massive bri, and many more that stole the name ministry of dreams to make bob fall, you will all fall for doing, God says things to me or that make me hate, its like he enters into heart and takes out my desire to live for him and hate is left, and has told me that he is stripping my desire to live for him- 7-11-2007-I will make you hate me so much, youll backslide, then, after two months, if I miss you, ill call you back, for no reason, saith the LOrd, I will make you burn and walk around hard, on, and, tease you about being eunuch for me, when I planned on putting you in fire, from day one, loose teeth, gums, stay infected, I, laugh at you, I, will, wear you down, take teeth, make, hair fall out, rage, you, all day, harden, electricity, carressing, spiking, masterbating, peter, entering heart, to throw you in a rage, for no reason, God says, I will make you loose teeth to make you hate waking up, in the, morning, make, you, embarrased, to, be, seen, I will not make you leave me, but, make it, so you can not, stand, I wanted to make people backslide, this is persecution, I will make you run to get out of my prescence, cause, I, will, hurt you, so deeply, till you leave, for no reason, got you, yelled the Father, continue slipping says Jesus, strip your desire to live for me, all day, till, you perish, taking years, I enter into your heart, and, make you, hate me, then, bow, till you leave, hate me, or perish, cause what I do, thats electricity on your dick to tease, saying what hurts your heart, deeply to betray, for no reason, God says, I can not, masterbate my servants, till they cum, but, make them hard, and, horny, by electricity, thats right, stay single, till you get old, then, you better fast, till you have, wrinkles and bags, or, I will, destroy you, for no reason, I cant not do anything else, I, fill you quitting, said, Jesus, from my torture, I will make you quit all day, evry day, I, love putting people in lava, saith the LOrd, abating is complete when the person doesnt want God no more, that is backslided, then I stop, abating is complete when the person, hates me, so much, they cant even praise me, cause I, torture, you better get me to stop or i will destroy for no reason, there is, not anything wrong, I, wanted to make you not want to keep me as Lord of your life, for no reason, hollie showed, record, backslide said Jesus, or be tortured, Masterabation 2007- it seems like God often makes it hard for me to think by turning off my mind, taking away memory, and even makes it hard to pronounce words, this is teasing to make me angry, God says, I will persecute you to the lake of fire, I, will make, you, fall, all day, for no reason, I will make you so angry, youll run out of my precence, and, sin, to, get me, off of, you, for no reason, I do this, to cause you to perish, now, you are, crying in heart, cause I wont, lay off you, but, I, dont, care, if you, perish or not, God says, people cant, deal with me carressing thier dicks, spiking, teasing, so, they, backslide, fiery darts, infecting gums to loose teeth, I prod, and, laugh at them, while they are wrath, but, denying self, I, prod when I could have, just, spoke, but its funner to me to torture cause who can stop me, I, say, what I know, will, pierce your heart, throw you in a rage, go to church, and, look at your toothless brothers, ask them what the Lord did to them, God laughs, just about all, backslide, I caused, hell, to be, full, I put new hearts in my slaves, to keep them going, I right when bob wakes up, tease, to anger, enter into heart, and, put wrath in, take out, desire to live for me, this is, persecution, that was, hu, riding, the red, horse, china, strikes, taiwan, to take, peace off of, the earth, I, make it, so, the person cant stand, being alone, with me, cause, I, make, the person hate, me, that, much, this, is how, I, make, my servants, killed, all day, long, God says, I, persecute, my children, to make them, fall, for no reason, you can beg and cry, weep and fast, my heart, has to, change, when, the servant, backslides, after, about two months, if I, miss them, knowing they wont come back, I, call them back, and, leave them alone, for awhile, this embarrasses slaves, you are a dog to me, and nothing more, says, the Lord, hollie showed, pointed, flames, rubbed chin, thought, thumbs swooping up, on, building, pointed, flames, thumbs swooping up, popes image, that is, the, grim reaper, that is, hollie, wailing for the people, hollie showed, flames, rubbed chin, thought, thumbs swooping up, popes image, I saw Jesus in a vision and he said something like, "my dick".