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Jesus told me he wanted people I witnessed to to see me commit sin, but he tortures to make me backslide

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  • I saw JEsus in a vision about 4-2007- and he pointed and said something like, "I was embarrased". does Jesus hate me? I just saw in a vision my mom in on like something and went down into the fire and agony on her face. this is what I was told, "when your abasing is completed you will not want the LOrd, like job". I guess that meansthat this will go on till I want nothing to do with Jesus anymore. I wanted to stay out of hell. thats sad aint it. I just saw Jesus laughing and I heard, "you gave up all to be casted out in the end saith the Lord". 4-20-2007-right now God is teasing me by winking at me, I keep seeing a fire colored eye winking at me and it hurts me and he wont stop and he told me that he wants to make me hate him from the heart, I keep seeing this eye wink at me and it does somehting to my heart, and sometimes happens every bunch of seconds, and im being teased by this, and I just heard this, "God is casting you out, this is killing all day long, till, you backslide, or, perish, either, but one, saith the LOrd, I want to make, an example out of you, quit, or be forced out, for blaspheme, not walking in circles, and spinning when stopped, saith the LOrd". I guess hell awaits for me, make the most of your walk. I was told earlier about making the exalted abased, and abased exalted.walking in circles is, get out of van, walk in circles into store, spin around and around while in line, nmaking coffee, while being arrested, in court, pumping gas.....Sounds to me like you want me in hell O Lord God, and one replaced the other, and you knew no one could do either. I did and it despaired me so much, I did not even want to get out of van, so God knew it would effect me like that, and oviously wanted hell for me. God me one way or the other. I was told many times that abatement continues till I dont want to live for Jesus anymore from the heart. That means keep pushing me out till I dont want to come back, and I would see Jesus and he would put new hearts in me so I could go on, and sometimes I was so wounded, it would take about 3 or 4 new hearts...I just laughed today and God let me know he did not like it and I just wonder, who can be saved. KIlling all day is being driven out, teased, thrown in rage, till wrath sets in, and you dont want the LOrd whenlike that. God often gets me so mad on purpose that I cant stand still. Ive seen Jesus in visions and he said things like, "bob, I hate you man". I beleive it. maybe God will love you to heaven..