god entered my body and appeared and told me he make me perish

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  • my hair started graying and God has been trying to throw me away more since then than he did about day 1- 3-7-2007-I sat down to type visions in computer and I feel electricty flowing all over my penus. God knows I hate this and it is why he is doing it and I saw Jesus in a vision and he ws smiling. I heard this, "walk away and Ill quit, but if you stay, make a fool out of us saith the LOrd, Jesus is tempting you, I dont care, if you dont like it or not, but, Im tempting, I want you to wreck, said, Jesus, to show the world, that I, cause it, to rain, in the unjust and just, for no reason, you will walk away, saith the LOrd, I will, cast you into, fire, if, you dont, you are, angering, me, by putting, this, page, up, and now, IM, starting, to, get, mad, saith the Lord, and you think, You will stop, when you are embarrased enough, all over the world,". I asked Jesus, "why you doing that"?, and he said, "cause im tempting you". What God is doing is flowing on my dick on and off, usally when He knows it will hurt my heart. That means I gave up my life and was! usedgreatly by the Lord so this day would arrive and that is, Jesus s howing me in a vision the word, "prod", and him messing with me in all kinds of different ways to anger and hurt me, and I keep getting told that by him that he wants me to backslide for two months, and even tells me that I wont come back. "the reason I am doing it is to make you an example of the rightous judgment ot Jesus, you did nothing wrong, but, I dont need you no more, close, said, Jesus, for no reason, and if, you giv eme, reason, I will, leave you, saith the LOrd. I saw Jesus in a vision and he laughed at me. What a spot to be in. Does God want me to stay or leave, and If I leave, I wont come back and he wont take me back-"if you leave with sincerity, saith the LOrd, I will, say, no, dont go, but, not, with, insincerity, I will, drive you out, and then, stop, this is, killing all, day, long, saith the Lord, I do it to all, and I will do it to you, if you, stay, this, letter, is making, nobody, want,Jesus, but, this is, what I do, search, the riens of your, heart, you can not, stay, around me, if I dont want you to, saith the Lord, I dont, want, you, around, me, no more, for no reason, I dont need one, but, if you leave, out, you will not, come back, saith the LOrd". --well, all I can say is, the only reason to serve God is to stay out of heaven, there is no other reason. He is flowing, tapping, etc on my dick and gums often feel inflated and infected and teeth loose, and even enters into my heart wanting to throw me into a rage, but, I wont let. This is my thanks from the LOrd Jesus Christ. He often talks to me like a gangster with smart ellic voice. -I will not do this forever saith the LOrd, only until you, get, humble before me, you have fasted, and became humble, but I want, tears, crying, begging, etc, you have, and, but, no enough".-well, Im going to say this, im the one that has a hell to shun, and if God leaves me, he looses the body he works thru, so Lord Isay to you, stay or leave, but, remember this page is on the interent showing how you dog out your slaves, that is what you called me once,slave.. This page shows how you over your own people after they suffered for you. Can you blame the billions that said, no way to your call, I dont. Im glad I dont have to witness to much anymore. whelp, cheers from bob, and this page is real, read the bible, paul wrote about it. God keeps telling me that this page embarrases him and I. I put it up, I told him, "you WILL stop". Pray for me, cause the day could come when your only friend becomes, well, read this page again. I dont know if I ever lo0ked at Jesus like a friend, maybe for periods. staying out of hell is the only reason to serve Jesus and my guess is if there was no hell, then, nobody would serve the LOrd, and it appears here that hell is going to have a nice full crowd, is this why one of the apostles said something like, "who can be saved". I know God can strike medown, and put sickness on me and sore boils etc, but, I also know Jesus has more to lose then I do. I have a hell to shun, which means, that Im! hell, and it is looking like an impossiblity to stay out. Maybe God will think, I know he served and I him over a good one many times, and let me in for the labor of love. really, it is a labor of staying out of hell, not love I dont think. hope your walk with Jesus is better then this one is. Since I can remember, I found about the Lord in 1989, and Ive had gum recession big time every since, and as I type this, I feel the gently carressing of the Holy Ghost on my dick kind of like a blow job, and I feel like my zipper going down much. That the Holy Ghost easing on my dick. play with that peter Jesus. tell the people that read this what ever you want, but, let me remind you, God can say yes, and it means, no, God can say, up, and it really means down. well God, I let the world no that you are playing with my dick, kind ofmasterbating me. You often ask me, and or say something like, "how does it feel". Im asking you that Jesus in front of the whole world, "how does it feel". wow wish I would have known this way back. bob----heres Jes us: you will not keep doing this, embarrisin me, saith the LOrd, I will destroy you, when you least expect it". ----well, I guess Jesus started fullfilling that before I even received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, my biggest prayer request was praying for my gums..go ahead LOrd, they dont care, and I know heaven for me is only a small possiblity, go for it, nobody will care for me cause I cared for your buisness, and you obviously dont care about me-go 4 it Jesus-----Im glad I got to put this page up----I really believe in my heart, and God often told me that he did not want people to know what I was going thru, and I dont blame him. every day this page is up, I beleive more pressure is put on Jesus to become like a gentleman again not the biggest prick thatthe world has ever seen. bob here is the Lord Jesus Christs final remarks: Im driving you out, this is, killing all day, I made you, think about, suicide, and taking, the website, down, today, and, will, keep on, I got y!ou, to quit, from your, heart, and will not, stop, until yoy leave, and then, back off, and then, start over, this is how, i keep you humble in my eyes, saith the LOrd, if, you over come, all this, I will, make it, harder, saith the LOrd, step down, or, serve, I dont care, this is, bible, and I will not, stop doing my word, for you or anybody, this is, serving, Jesus, according, to, scripture, I will not let, this page, stay up, long, cause, it, shames, me, saith the LOrd, I teased bob, and then, fiery darts, and now, flowing, across his, dick, to, tease, mock, and, keep, humble in, my eyes, and will not stop, and bob is not, lifted, very humble, but, humble in my eyes is not veing able to overcome, I will do it, until, my heart, aches, then, stop, saiththe LOrd.