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home of Gods persecution which is Jesus torturning to make servant perish non stop day and night

3-18-2011-Jesus told me I was perfect and starting day one, God persecutes, by manifold temptations like, deseasing my gums, caressing my penus with electricty, flowing on and spiking and causing to get hard, causing my facial muscles to tighten ruining my face, putting deseases on my body, and boils on my face, and making my knee so I cant walk but with serious limp, and I see Jesus in visions laughing at me, tell me he is going to get me cut off, that he will make me perish, and its nonstop, and worsens. Jesus told me to fast untill death, and Im kind of doing that and so if I'm not around after about one more month, God will do this to you, and the holy Ghost baptizm feels like a body perfect size coming in. Jesus stalks and fills my heart with terror and when my face rips when I talk cause he tightened my face muscles, I see him laughing at me in visions and firing gun at me and yelling things like, "I got you'. God told me he wants to make me perish after he exalted me to embarras me and told me he will do it to you and he wants to tell people that I fell away after he was so good to me, but Jesus lies to me all the time and will to you....... lastly the Holy Ghost told me there is no heaven or hell, so, live for Jesus or dont, but, read the above, its your reward. I cant eat without my mouth ripping when I open it, I cant talk with out the same, Jesus causes my penus to be electrical masterbated, Jesus tongue tied me to keep me single and now Im married and Jesus told me he is going to take my wife from me, and gives me dreams where i feel pain, choke, cant breathe and wake up and feel like I had a heart attack and scares me and it starts before the HOly Ghost came in me............Jesus told me I know him so I have to die, and you know him the moment you get saved, so get saved, know Jesus and then he will himself try to make you perish, and ruin you day and night untill you die or he gets job done, but I cant take it no more, so now I'm fasting and dont care if I live but if I live, God will respect me and i will still tell people what he did to me and will to them if they get saved. so cheers from bob hickman, the man Jesus entered into like a body my perfect size.

I saw visions of Jesus and he spoke this and does this to me: 4-4-2011-my word says saith the Lord, do not hurt them that hurt, but i will said God, by caressing servants penus's with electricity, causing face and kneck muscles to tighten up ruining appearance, putting deseases on bodies and boils on face, causing their eyes to see blurry, giving them dreams where they cant breathe and making them wake up feeling like they had a heart attack starting day one, saith Jesus, go ahead bobby for i will ruin you for no reason but to mock and make others mock you when they see you backslided for this what i want to make you abased in the sight of all me and you tell children to make me openly mocked, be embarrased or embarras me first by telling the whole world, saith Jesus, bob the Lord is trying to destroy you said, for no reason said Jesus, im going to take you to death, by making you fast, causing you saith God, for i persecute to ruin like i did my servant JOB, tell all the children you want, for its on, teenspot, now hear Jesus, make people to know my ways, because i will destroy them if the come to me, saith Jesus, bob looked at her lightwatch, showed lay down,

vision of both beasts-vision received about 6-27-2010-I heard these words, "theres trouble", and I saw both beasts, in visions from the LOrd, pontiff, and the president of china, and hollie walks out and folds up scene like post.

hollie showed is back, visions received 10-9-2010-in many visions to day I saw hollie showed, but he was transformed, smiled when I said in another vision.

JESUS PUT BOILS On JOB DREAM: RECEIVED 4-4-2911-IN THIS DREAM I TELL A WOMAN JOB SAID HE SLAYEST ME YET WILL I TRUST HIM, AND I TELL WOMAN WHO DID JOB SAY WAS DOING IT, JESUS PUT BOILS ON JOB AND I TELL WOMAn god causes all jobs trouble and Jesus is doing it to me and in another dream i see nude man laying in driveway by house and Jesus tells me to not mess with it or something like that.

Jesus is the evil spirit sent by Jesus-vision received about 4-4-2011-in this vision i saw Jesus and he told me he wikk be an evil spirit that will trouble me and let me know he will mess with me day and night and the Holy Ghost does and it started day one with God torturing me by causing my face muscles to tighten when using, caressing penus with electricity, deseasing gums, causing body to heat up hot, and Jesus told me I was perfect.

visions of Jesus all received april of 2011-in visions i saw the head of Jesus, one like he had fire color eyes and may have been on cross looking up and in other different colors in face like a God man.