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' || The WME camera opens up inside of a Wme House Show, The camera zooms backstage in the parking lot and a limo pulls up and the driver gets out of the limo and goes to open the door and out of the limo appears Scott Hall, Hall gives the camera a smile and then starts to walk into the WME area! ||

|| The Camera follows Scott Hall around the wme building, all of a sudden a wme interview stops hall and begins to speak to him!||

|| wme Interviewer || May I have a few words with you?

|| Da Bad Guy || Yeah Chico, go ahead!

|| wme Interviewer || Well… Welcome to the wme, why have you come here?

|| Da Bad Guy || Why I have come here Chico, that’s simple Chico, Da Bad Guy has come to wme for one reason and one reason only and that is to climb the ladder and become wme champion!

|| wme Interviewer || Which Championship do you want to Hold, the overload or breakdown?

|| Da Bad Guy || Chico it doesn’t matter to me, it really doesn’t matter!

|| wme Interviewer || Speaking of sides, are you on breakdown or overload?

|| Da Bad Guy || Chico, I don’t even know yet!

|| wme Interviewer || if you can pick, what side would you go on?

|| Da Bad Guy || It really doesn’t matter to me chico, No matter what side I go on, it will take me quick to become champion around here!

|| wme Interviewer || well… Just in case you didn’t know we have a pay per view coming up and the name of the ppv is called Shattered, and I saw your name on the card and you have a math against Danny Basham, what are your thoughts on him and the Math?

|| Da Bad Guy || ||Hall starts to laugh|| Are you serious Chico, Basham? I don’t even know who that Chico is, but it doesn’t matter! Take a look at The Bad Guy", "I'm oozing Machismo! Look at me Chico? Does it look like I car about him? Don’t even answer that because I’ll answer it for you and the answer is No, Basham, Chico I don’t really know you or do I want to know you but your in my way little Man and at the Ppv get ready for the ride of your life, because the Da Bad Guy will give it to you! But Chico I need to head to that ring out there, so this interview is over little Man!

|| the camera fades away as the wme fades to another scene! The camera zooms around the area, fans are getting happy as they see there self on the tron and all of a sudden Scott Hall theme song hits on the pa system and he comes from behind the curtains as the fans go crazy for him! He starts to make his way down the ring and slides through the bottom rope and pulls a mic from his back pocket as the fans go crazy again, he begins to speak, as the crowd picks up a hall chant! ||

~! Da Bad Guy

|| Da Bad Guy || Hey Yo! Survey Time! Did everyone come to see the top Wme superstars or did everyone come to the Da Bad Guy Scott Hall ||Crowd goes Crazy|| No one to some important business Chico’s! I came out here for a couple of reasons! Reason number one; why I came to the wme and that is easy Chico’s, as I look on the Roster, Da Bad Guy doesn’t see any as Bad as me, so I came here to give this company, a top guy and in no time everyone will find that out and I will work my way up that later and become the wme heavyweight champion! When I came into the Building everyone was talking about the big wme ppv scattered, to me its no Big deal but to everyone else around it is, I can admit it would be good to me if I was facing someone at the ppv oh wait… See, it's come to my attention that this week wme decided to throw me up against Danny Basham! I have no problem with that Chico’s, I haven’t been in a wrestling ring in a while, so I need a warm up match, so Basham, come the ppv….

D O N 't T   S I N G   I T . .   B R I Ng G   I T !

|| Hall drops the mic as the scene fades away|| font>