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  • Welcome to the Official Tremors of the Force Website!
    March 30th 2005

    Welcome to the Tremors of the Force website!

    Message from the Director:

    Take me to your leader.


    Message from the Webmaster:

    Welcome! I spent many hours that I should have been in class or studying, working on the site so it could look great. (And everyone wonders why its taking me 5 years to graduate college..) Most of the designing is complete, there will be a few things changed once I acquire some images I need. One of our newest cast members, Joe who is playing Lt. Strand, will be our head graphic design artist and is working on our banners. (I have many talents. Art is not one of them) The message boards won't be open until we get the actual hosting company we are using to get us set up. I want to make sure the site is secure and perfect before it opens to the public. The message boards will be a place for cast & crew members to talk, get to know each other better, coordinate private rehearsals with one another, discuss good days for shooting for everyone, etc. It will also be a place for potential extra's to learn about the film and ask questions. I have high hopes for the message boards, and would hope that everyone sign up and get to know your fellow cast members that you will be working with for quite some time. If you have any questions be sure to email me!

    --Samantha (Aria)



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