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The Terrian King's Screen Cap Page

Faced with the challenge of what to do with years of screen caps I've made from many of my favorite TV shows and movies, I decided instead of deleting them from my hard drive or relegating them a VCD, soon to be forgotten, I would create a web page and display them. The first ones to be uploaded to this new page are from the mid-90s TV series "Earth 2."
Most of these caps are new. They have slightly better quality than the ones I made from my old tapes. Making them is what cluttered my hard drive and prompted me to decide to get rid of all the pics I have stored. They are the first to go.

The second cap page to go up is "Wonderfalls". This was another very funny Fox series that never had a chance: canceled after four episodes. Some of these caps are taken from tapes of the show. I have the DVDs but I've made just a few caps from them because my hard drive is so full now. As I make room, I'll do more. They were originally made for other people, and I still make them for others, as much as for myself.

Disclaimer: None of the images belong to me, so I don't care if you take them and use them on your own sites or wherever. It didn't take me as long as some people claim it took them to make caps, so I have no reason to demand anyone ask permission first. A link back might be nice, though, or just a mere mention of this site in passing. As you like. I'll make a complete list of ownership as it is needed. For now I assume Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment still lay claim to "Earth 2" after all these years. "Wonderfalls" belongs to 20th Century Fox.


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