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The Anti Koch

This is a page for the few people in the world who possess a strong disliking for Australian TV "personality" David Koch. Theres not much to is merely a shrine built for the purpose of dissing David Koch, and his smarmy "true Aussie woman" sidekick Mel. To all of Kochies adoring legions of fans...the man is a cocky, elitist wanker. He claims to be a down-to-earth, regular Aussie bloke and vainly tries to justify this by doing things such as letting Sunrise viewers follow the story of his daughters engagement (and his oh-so-hilarious and typical over protective father antics) and other things of that ilk. To all you anti-Koch's - alone we have little impact, but together we can make a noise. Hopefully one day this woebegone excuse for a television host will go back to his pompous financial advisor associates, and never soil our television sets again with his superior sense of humour and conceited and arrogant style of hosting. And he can take Mel with him.