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House of Kenobi

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Being an avid Star Wars fan I decided to create a site that brings together some of the best fan fiction, poetry, parodies, pics and just plain fun & quirky stuff that has been created by the fans.
Take a look around, have fun and feel free to E-mail Me with any comments or suggestions!

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The site is updated frequently so check back often! Until casual.

April 13, 2007- Added a new affiliate, the Star Wars Characters Cafe, so go check it out!

January 28, 2007- Added new link to the Fanlist page, the Death Star Fanlisting.

As always, all images and characters, except for original characters created by the authors, found here belong to George Lucas and Lucas Film Ltd. This site is not meant to infringe on any copyright laws and no money is being made, but is a place to have fun and a tribute to Mr. Lucas and the Star Wars universe.

Various images found on this site courtesy of:
Massassi Order
The Banner Store

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