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Please help us support the JDRF  (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) to help them find a cure for Diabetes for everyone affected, including our 7 year old daughter, Kayla, as well as our 10 year old nephew, Christopher.  

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Our family will be walking on Sunday, October 1st to raise money for the JDRF to enable them to support programs to cure Diabetes.

Our daughter, Kayla, was diagnosed with TYPE 1 diabetes (requiring insulin SHOTS to live) when she was 15 months old.  Due to viruses she has contracted from playing with friends, cousins or classmates over the last few years (i.e. common cold, stomach viruses, etc.), we have had to go to the Emergency Room 4 times for Kayla to receive an IV (as shown to the right) to rehydrate her and bring her diabetes back in control.  Without Hospital attention Kayla would have died.

Thank you for your support !!!!!

After 2 years of insulin shots, 2 to 4 every day, as well as 10 finger pricks to check blood sugars, Kayla is now on the insulin pump.  The pump is not a cure but a better way of life for not only Kayla, but also for her parents who rarely sleep at night.  We are worried that her blood sugar may drop too low and cause her to become unconscious or have her blood sugar go too high and dehydrate her causing us to make another Hospital visit.  

Please go to our link and make a tax deductible donation to help fight this terrible disease:

or you may send a check made out to  "JDRF"  and mail it to our headquarters: 

Cure for Kayla 

17 4th Avenue

 Massapequa Park, NY 11762

We will present it to the JDRF organization on Sunday, October 1st.

To learn more about the JDRF, visit    WWW.JDRF.ORG