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This is the spawn room. Nothing special.

Structure inside spawn room, a little foggy, but nothing special. may add emplaced gun...

same as above...

This is the hall leading to "The Quad" in the book this was a meeting place for the local kids.

another angle of above mentioned

Throne room. the water leads to sublevel, and to arena, which isn't listed in book. In my book its market place.

close up throne, notice emplaced guns, two bespin cops and a jedi.(npcs not in book. emplaced guns aren't either.)

another vantage point.

Guards tower in throne room.

...a hall? I don't remember.

throne room view from the guard tower.

hall leading to guard tower.

Sub level main hall.

platforms leading to arena overview.

same as above.



hall leading to future barracks

same as above

barracks, still needs work.

future barracks

path leading to 'members area, Lounge, whatever...'

another section of the path

another vantage point

main room of foresaid.

Theater balcony view

Theater stage view

hot tub, future bar.

steam room

fortified hall...:-)

(still adding more screenshots)