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Jason (Mobey) Moberg

SL-7979 , TB-7979
Member Since: 2002
Costumes: Sith Lord , Biker Scout
Residence:Moorhead, MN
AIM: JediSlayer7979
Bio: I'm a life long Star Wars fan. I grew up on the love these movies, from as far back as I can remember. I've started costuming in 2001 as a Jedi & later progressed in a Sith. I'm currently working on a Biker Scout costume & I plan on debuting it at ValleyCon 31. I've been working with ValleyCon since 2003 (VC28) & about a week or two before then, I became a full member of the 501st. I also do the Star Wars Party Room there. We've been doing it from VC 28, 30 & 31. I'm coordnating the Droid Hunt for this years VC & hope to keep it going as long as our convention dose. I was one of the 501st volunteers at Star Wars Celebration 3 & even though I worked 17 1/2 hours, the looks on the kids faces made it well worth it. I was also FIRST in line for Revenge Of The Sith & I wear that with pride.


Welcome To Fargo/Moorhead ValleyCon
Star Wars Party Room at Valleycon