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January, 2005: Saturday the 9th at 8:26 P.M
Not much of anything happened today. Alisa put a chair away, and made my brothers puzzles fall from the cabinet, and it fell all over, so i had to clean it up. I had to basicaly crawl behind the wall unit, and get scrached up to get the puzzle peaices. Not so much fun, she was "upset" because "I" had lost two peices. I thought she knocked them down, how is that my doing? Im blamed for everything. Such as life. Hell, It could be worse.
I was doing fine with cutting, untill today. I was drying a knife with a thin cloth and this knife was hudge. Basically what happened is that I clean of the blad by folding the cloth over it and pulling the knife down it. Well, I placed to much presure, and it cut me a little. This was not intenonlly, and I did not bleed, but the pain was good. I can never explain why, but why do I have to. Now I'm thinking of cutting, but- I wont I'm doing too well to fuck up now.


January, 2005: Saturday the 8th at 6:36 P.M
Caution: May make you think about "Love", and/or make your brain itch in confusion.
My Father and Alsia yell and scream all the time, and Iím beginning to think that the 30% of marriages that last, survive on something else but love. Those fighting words, they are so loud, so destructive, but cause such a stable environment after the earthquake passes. Something else has to be feeding this relationship, with all those fights on a daily ritual, only someone who belongs in an insane asylum would stay in the relationship. It must be Sean, either that or love is not what I thought it was, but hell, who created love, and who told him what it meant.
Change in the Dictionary is needed:
love n. :     1. Depends on the person.     2. Sexual intercourse/passion.
It seems to be that all this day has brought, which is not very much, is the above rants. Have a nice day, if thats what you tend to do.