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VADER'S FIST : 501st Legion

Welcome to the VADER'S FIST : 501st Legion Clan home page! I would just like to introduce myself and give you a little background on me. My call sign is HELLSTRYKE, but some of you will now me as [VF]HELLSTRYKE[501st]. I am the creator and so far the only member of the VADER'S FIST : 501st Legion Clan and my rank is G.o.A. After the last couple of years of online gaming I have been in a few clans and I have seen my share backstabbing and favoritism! So thats why I have decided to start my own clan! I see many clans out there recruiting and handing out ranks like it's candy! I personnaly think that it boils down to quality, not quantity when it comes to builing a clan. In some aspects points mean nothing even though you get them, but there is always an objective to the game whether it be CTF, DOM, HQ. There is a time to go out with all guns blazing and a time to hold back and defend! "BUT", we must all remeber that this is just a game and we must respect the players we play with every day, so lets just keep frag'n and have fun!!! As far as a server or a real web site, that is still up in the air, due to time and funds, however I plan on setting up either vent or TS2, so if you are planing on joining my clan or offered a spot, a headset/mic, would be good! Also I would recommend that you download X-Fire and MSN just for the simple fact that they are very easy for contacting fellow members(MSN), and locating fellow clan members(X-Fire)! Thanks for taking the time for coming and looking! If your interested you can email at the email address listed below!