03 13 04
I added four new sites.

03 12 04
Sorry for not updating, I had some connection troubles. But they are all good now :) I added 10 new sites.

03 06 04
I added two new sites.

03 05 04
Hey, I put up three new sites.

03 03 04
Ok, I put up this new layout. I like it MUCH better than the last one, I hope you all do too :) I did a clean up. If your site hasn't been update since Feb. 24 (on or before) then I deleted it. Also if your link didn't work for me.
I added 11 new sites. Sorry for not updating, I have been really busy with school work and I haven't been online at all.

02 29 04
Ok, here is the new layout. It was just something wicked quick that I made. I don't really like it that much, the colors are just bleh so I will try to make a better one later this week. Also, I am going to do a clean up soon so if you haven't updated recently DO IT! ;)
I added 24 new sites!
left the server like was down or something weird. I have two other sites that I need to update before I can update this one. I have tons of new sites to put up and I have to make a new layout. So please just be patient while I update the other sites. Thanks!
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