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OK, so i know now you're wondering, "Who the heck is kathreen?" Well, here's your answer!!

Born: january 18, 1982
Current Height: somewhewr between 5 and 6 feet tall
Boyfriend: Mikell P Mason
Stuff she likes: puppies, goldfish(es?), white pizza, February 8th
Stuff she does NOT like: newts, seminars papers, sharples pasta bar, study breaks

The History of Kathreen:

kathreen was born a while ago to her two parents whose names i haven't learned yet. she grew up in Maryland and went to a lot of different schools including a magnet school for students who are superb at mathematical and scientific subjects. Despite really liking the school and also enjoying math. (she is currently a swarthmore student of the third level.) She is studying to be a psychology major with a possible double major in mathematics and she would, independent of her potential double major, not choose to take on a minor. Other than being a full time student, she plays rugby ferociously and has no other extra-curricular activities.