Death comes in all sizes come on in and try it on.

Well this is my first real web page and I don't know how to make it right. Some yeah thanks for helping me make it every one. Just like every thing I do, I learn by screwing up.

So I put up random black and white photos of females that you guys may jerk off to around the site. I am going to be frank with you. I don't like you very much more than likely so just deal with it. If you have a problem with me then too bad for you I guess that means you don't get a hand job later unless you pay me for one. I think your stupid and should have been killed at birth.

On to more more touching subject Specter 1 from Specter studios the wonderful guy behind those serial killer action figures and great custom nude Amadela figures and McFarlane female nudes has made an offer about Zombie Christ figures. When he and I have some more itme to talk about it and do some sketches and stuff we'll hash out all the detials so that those of you who love or hate Zombie Christ will have your action figure of him to play with or to damn to hell. Specter is a really great guy and does some bad ass work on the figures he makes. I'll have a link soon to his site so you might have your own Dahmer figure to dismantle and eat your ken doll since we all know Ken is more gay than strait.

In other news I will soon b writting for Cinema Hick an up and coming web site that ask "If I asked you to come with me to New York tonight would you?" This web site will be a colaboration of Hacker Zero and my self to see what happens when to ass monkeys roam the streets of L.A. asking question from popular movies to see if the population is as dumb as Hollywood makes it out to be. How many Angolians are scared of Valcanos? Do people not call the cops when some one keeps stalking them? Why does yelling "Don't go down there" make any sense when we go investigate strange noises our self? Well then again some of us have six round Python in our hand. Just like any good God fearing athist would.

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