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This is my sectoin on different theories.Some are about energy others not.Be aware you might not agree with some of them.So don't read it and think "Oh yeah this guy is another one of those types."I also may not believe in all of the theories I post but post them because they make you think.Although this is MY section on theories you can send in some of your own also and you will be credited for them.My E mail is provided below.

Power Levels?...I think not.

Yes, most people who use energy have seen DBZ and Dragonball.Yes,most people think power levels are real because of that show.I do not believe in them.Why you might ask. One reason is that I believe to become a good energy manipulator you need to be above power levels.What I mean by that is if your constantly trying to read your power level your wasting time while you could be reading some good books on philosophy or something.Also someone could have a low power level and be some black belt martial artist who will wipe the floor with you while you read their energy.What I do believe is possible is a skill level. It isnt like a power level though.A skill level would be something like wearing a black belt. That signifies that person is pretty experienced.Overall you could be doing something much better then fiddling with power levels.

Super Human

Well superhuman is supposedly when you go above and beyond your limits.You become faster and stronger.I myself do not think superhuman is all its cooked up to be.People say they have become super human in fights and during training.They say they have become stronger and faster.Well they probably did become stronger and faster.Are they super when you are in a fight or working out really hard your body pumps adrenaline through your system.We have all had an adrenaline rush.Hear that story where the baby is stuck under the car and the mother runs over and lifts the car off her baby.Not super human.She felt a motherly instinct to protect her child.Adrenaline went WAY up she runs over lifts the car gets her baby and there is much rejoice.Same with a fight you feel a need to survive so your body pumps lots of adrenaline.Dodging bullets isnt possible unless you move right when you see their finger moving which is hard and running 70 mph is probably not going to happen.I do believe however that with training like Qi gong and Tai Chi you can become faster and more centered and stronger.Overall instead of thinking you have gone superhuman go practice some traditional martial arts.

Ki balls

I do believe ki balls are possible. I believe this because I have made them.You really arent going to blow anything up with them though.Ki balls can be used for healing and that is pretty much the only useful thing they can be used for.Trying to shoot someone with a ki ball in a fight wont work to well.

Advanced people

Yeah those people who say they are very advanced in training.Some are better then others but not advanced.See most of these people have been training for only about a year and that is not advanced.Saying they are masters in energy and can do kamehamehas.That is complete rubbish.Even for about 10 years isn't advanced.The people who I think are advanced are those monks who have been using energy for about 60 years.60 years compared to a mere 10?If you look at the larger scale you really arent advanced as you think.