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Welcome to the Joker's Playhouse. You can come here to read some good jokes find some cheats and codes to your favorite games,chat with other people,or you can just look at the great site^_^ Stay and look around come back soon and tell your friends!

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The site is under heavy construction.Some links might now work but most should.Stay and look around I will be updating constantly so check back later.

  "New Design! " written by: Webmaster on 5.26.02
Check out this awesome new design I found @! I decided to use it and highly suggest Free Flash for any webmasters because of the tons of stuff they have!
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April 26,2003-Just got this new layout.I am working on adding the links and other things.
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Name: Ark Angel Fire
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Sex: Male
AIM: ArkAngelFire00
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