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Qi Gong

First you should know how to breath correctly.Yes, there is a way to breath properly. The inhale should be through the nose your stomach should expand and it should be a deep breath not shallow.Exhale through the mouth and your stomach should return to normal.

Qi gong is movements that help your ki flow better. It opens up your chakras and cleanses your meridians. It has other positive affects such as living longer and healthier.

To offer the heart unlimetidly-Have your middle finger and thumb touching. Stand with your arms at your side.Slowly raise them shoulder length.Gather ki and bring back your arms still in form into your chest. Send the ki to the middle of your chest.Your middle finger and thumb should still be touching.Turn your palms up while fully extending your arms outwards while letting go of your fingers and fulling extending them.

To cleanse the body as clean as jade-Put your arms above your head making a circle.Turn your palms so they are facing your head and then bring your palms down and lay them on the back of your head, then to the back of the neck, to the shoulders, to your chest, back through your under your armpits down to your back. Then move down the back of your legs around the front up the front inside your legs up to your chest. Cross your arms with palms towards your back. Then move the arms straight up to original starting position and repeat 3 times. All movements should be continuous. When doing this motion visualize your ki from your hands cleansing.