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This is my manual for training.It is a pretty plain training scehdule so it should work for anyone who needs a workout.

When you wake up and right before you go to sleep meditate for at least 15 minutes.

Be sure to stretch all of your muscles!

Do 20 pushups.

Go eat breakfast,and make sure you drink your milk;)

After you are done with breakfast do 30 sit ups and 50 pushups.

Go for a 1 mile run.(try to get a set of ankle weights but make sure to take them off every once and a while so you dont get slower instead of faster)

Come back and meditate for 30 minutes.

Eat a good lunch but make sure not to have any dairy products or any speghetti o's or anything you could throw back up:0

-Afternoon Training

Start out by stretching out your muscles again.

If you have a weight set do 10 reps to start with bench pressing.Lift only what you can handle!Followed by 20 curls with a decently heavy weight for each of your arms.

If you dont have a weight set look for some! lol.But if not do 50 push ups,50 sit ups.

After that try running up the stairs 10 times,everyday things you do can even help!

Do 100 punches and 200 kicks.

Take a small break of 15 minutes.

Run for 2 miles.

Thats it for the day.Before you go to bed meditate for 15 minutes at least.Also you should do the full workout on a weekend and the afternoon part if you have school.Only do the workout 3 TIMES A WEEK!or you could hurt mess yourself up,however;meditate EVERy night.After every 10 weeks increase everything besides weights(only if you arent ready)by 10.If you arent ready to increase after the 10 weeks, then dont.