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Beginer Ki Techniques

KI SENSING-Extend your ki the the person that you are going to sense. Move your ki into the center of their ki. The larger the knot on your stomach the more control they have over their ki.

KI SHIELD-Send ki to the top of your head. Then move it out of your body and flowing down your body down to your feet and connecting. This is the basic structure. Now you can keep repeating the process and adding more layers. Visualize bricks pilling up and surrounding the shield making it stronger. You can also use concrete, barbed wire, anything that would make it stronger.

BURNING KNUCKLE-Send ki to your hand. Keep sending it till you hand feels dense. Then picture the ki turning red and getting very hot. Picture a small ki flame bursting out of your hand. Then when you strike and opponent picture all of the energy bursting into them. When you make contact twist your fist a little. Also when you hit keep trying to push through them.

KI HEALING-Place your hands one over the other. close your eyes then put your hands over the wound or the area that needs treatment. Make a ki ball and visualize it being white. Picture the wound having black energy in it. Move the ki ball over it and visualize the white ki ball disinegrating all of the black.

KI SPIKE-Make a ki ball and form the ball into a spike. Bring your hand back then thrust it forwards throwing the spike into your opponent. Once in your opponent you can make it explode or you dont have to do anything.