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Our clan is the Shinsen Gumi. We are NOT a cult. Please do not think we are. I can't stress this enough. If you join it is of your own free will. We just want to gather people to our cause. Our cause? you might be thinking. Well our group/clan strives for peace and to live respectfully as samurai. We hope to gain many members to aid us in this goal. If you share this same goal we would like you to join up. The benefits of joining is that you will always have someone you can count on and you can share your ideas about the samurai or anything related to it freely. The Shinsen Gumi was a real clan during the times of the samurai. I am trying to restore it/bring it back. Also you don't need much swordsmanship experience. If you do not have your own style you use we can teach you the style we have made here called Machisuji Kenpo. To join E mail me at