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Intermediate Ki Techniques

HEALING/CLEANSING-Visualize your ki in your Tan Tien turning white. Then move your ki from your Tan Tien out wards. Filling up your whole body. Make it 'push out' the bad ki and bad emotions. If your using it for healing picture it 'pushing out' the black or red infected area.

ELEMENTAL CANNON-Power up. Then put your hands straight up over your head palms together with your fingers pointing outwards. Then visualize the element fire. Visualize it flowing into a ball form. Then visualize the earth element flowing and mixing with the fire into the ball form. Next visualize the wind element flowing into the ball. Then the water element. Visualize a stream of the elements flowing into the ball and at the center they are compacting and swirling. Add as much energy as you want. Then when you want to fire it bring your arms down and use your own energy from your Tan Tien to push the ball.

KI DISK- Put one hand over your head and a bit to the side and make a ki ball. Put as much energy into it as you would like. Then make the ball spin very fast. While it spinning visualize the ki forming into a disk. Using a saw disk for visuazation helps. Then when it is spinning fast enough throw it at your opponent.NOTE:This technique is not going to cut someones head off or cut through a tree.

KI MINE-Make a ki ball. Then let it float in the air. You can make as many as you want. Then program them to blow up when somone walks into them. To program the mine or any type of energy to do your bidding- Just tell the ki what to do. Think of the thought in your mind and send it to the energy.

KI MINE#2-Make a ki ball and then throw it into your opponent. Then Program it to explode in them when you blink or whatever. When you do the action then you visualize the mine exploding and causing damage.

KI MINE#3-Make a ki ball and make the ki ball have little spikes on it. Then throw it at your opponent. Have the spikes stick into the opponent. Then you make it explode.

MULTIPLE KI BLASTS-Just as this sounds. Make one ki ball in each hand. Then fire them at the opponent. Then keep making ki balls and firing. NOTE: This should be done fast.

KI DRILL-Make a ki ball. Add as much energy as you like. Then when you fire visualize the ball get longer and it have a point on the end. Then Visualize it swirling like a drill and 'drill' through your opponent.

UNIVERSAL KI GATHERING-Stand up and ground yourself. Then put your hands into the air, fingertips going as high as they can, with your heels still touching the ground (remember that there are roots coming out of your feet, holding you to the Earth). Then visualize all the energy in your body condensing into a rapidly spinning ball in your hara, drawing in everything from around it as quickly as it can. Draw in energy through your roots from the earth, and through your fingertips from the sky, feeling the spinning ball of energy growing and growing in strength.

KI CLEANSING-It is often helpful to begin by grounding yourself. Start one of the slow breathing rythms, and pull all the energy around you into your hara as you inhale. As you exhale, push the energy back throughout your body evenly. The renewed energy should be cleansed of impurity, tension, and staleness