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Hadou Inetermediate

This was submited by Forte Fujamia

Hadou II

Hello, And welcome to Hadou II. If you are reading this I assume you have seen my first hadou article, If not I suggest reading it, for these techniques will not make sense otherwise. Moving with that, I would like to refresh some of your memories.. If you have done the training like you should have, then according to the esidef you have chosen, you should be starting to experience the Setsui no Hadou, or the Kagaya no hadou. These two translate to Darknessf Intent. And Shining/Lightfs Intent. Each of these transformations have special ekeyf abilities that can enhance your Martial Arts Career. Now, Some people have talked to me and have reported sightings of other things also called hadou, This may or may not be the same principal.. just the same word. For Example, Hadouken the word has multiple meanings. Surge Fist, Intent Fist, Surge Punch, Intent Punch, Sprit Fist, Sprit Punch, Surge Wave, Intent Wave, Sprit Wave. If I had to name my own estylef of hadou, I would have to call it the intent wave style because it concentrates a lot on building your Kagaya/Setsui no hadou. By now you should be able to produce more then 5 Hadouken/Gou Hadoufs in a 10 minute period. If not I encourage you to keep working on your Hadou eburstf. On to the trainings.

Setsui No Hadou: Setsui No Hadou, is when you have reached your first ewallf in your training. This etransformationf can actually reverse the flow of your energy from positive to negative. And it can also put very evil thoughts in your mind. If you arenft comfortable with images of death, blood, and hell I suggest re-training for the lightside.. This transformation is really built on rage as well.. the more anger, the more power, the more power, the more chance it has of consuming you. The main symbol of the Setsui No Hadou is “V and when attempting to leave this transformation for a current time, you should meditate on a black version of this symbol. To induce this form, meditate on the red version of this symbol, Think of a edemonf inside of your body.. and keep aggravating the demon until it comes out full force and possess your body.

Kagaya No Hadou: The Kagaya No Hadou, is when you have reached your first ewallf in your training. This eenlightmentf of knowledge forces almost all of the negative energy out of your body.. and makes you think of ehappyf thoughts.. mutts, skittles, and rainbows. The symbols for this form is..‰Á‰ê‰®‚Ì”g“® (yeah I know itfs long stfu). Meditate on a light green version to induce this form, and a dark green to get rid of this form.. To all of you edarksidersf who are reading this, im really sorry itfs not my fault o.o;;

Ten No Hadou : Now to all of you who didnft listen to me and did both at the same time.. youfre going to be the strongest of the students. Trigger both, Setsui No Hadou, and Kagaya No Hadou, at the exact same time, and it triggers the Ten No Hadou.. Im still not very informative on this powerup as it is a more recent discovery.. so you should figure this one out on your own.. ^_^;; Well that should be it for hadou II.. This article should last you two months, in wich case I will release a third and final article.