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Dim Mak

WARNING:If used properly the Dim Mak is very dangerous.You have gotten here by talking to me first.Please use this information as a last resort.I AM NOT responsible if you use this information to harm someone it is YOUR fault.The Dim Mak is no joke,it can kill.Please use the information responsibly.

Dim Mak translates into death touch.It is used by striking vital points on the body and disrupting the flow of energy or even puncturing and bruising organs,veins,and nerves.
24 hour cycle

Hour Organ
1:00-3:00AM- Liver
3:00-5:00AM- Lungs
5:00-7:00AM- Large Intestines
7:00-9:00AM- Stomach
9:00-11:00AM- Spleen
11:00Am-1:00PM- Heart
1:00-3:00PM- Small Intestines
3:00-5:00PM- Bladder
5:00-7:00PM- Kidney
7:00-9:00PM- Pericardial
9:00-11:00PM- Triple Warmer
11:00-1:00AM- Gall Bladder
This shows the most efective time to hit that area.It will cause much more damage.