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Advanced Ki Techniques

ELECTRIC FISTS-Start by gathering a lot of ki into your hands. Fill every part of your hands. Then once you have enough energy start adding psi into the ki. Make it mix together. Start gathering the lightining element into your fists. Visualize electricity surging all around your body and going into your fists. When you start to get and electric feeling like needles in your hands from the electricity you can stop. Focus on the electricity forming with the ki and psi, then make it burst out into a flame shape around your hands.

LIGHTINING SHIELD-Well this is obviously only if you have a shield. Place your hands above your head and visualize the lightining coming down and filling you up like a battery. When you are 'filled up' visualize little tunnels connecting the lightining to the shield. Then visualize the lightining go into the tunnels and mixing with the shield. Fill your shield with the energy and your done.