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Here are some good sayings that deal with life.

People usually assume that all warriors think about it getting used to the imminent possibility of death. As far as the process of death is concerned, warriors are not the only ones who die. All classes of people know their duty, are ashamed to neglect it, and realize that death is inevitable. There is no difference among social groups in this respect.~Musashi

People practice the ways to which they are inclined, developing individual preferences. Buddhism is a way of helping people, Confucianism is a way of civilization, healing is a way of curing illnesses. Poets teach the way of poetry, others take to the ways of fortune telling, archery, and various other arts and crafts. Few people like the art of war.~Musashi

The science of martial arts for warriors requires construction of various weapons and understanding the properties of the weapons. A member of a warrior family who does no learn to use weapons and understand the specific advantages of each weapon would seem to be somewhat uncultivated.~Musashi

There is the practice or principle and the practice of action. Principle is as mentioned before: when you have arrived at mastery, you don't struggle with anything. It is all in the way you give up minding at all. However, if you don't do practice of action, you will only have principle in mind and won't be able to do anything about it.~ Zen Master Takuan