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The Kinesis'

Telekinesis-(the ability to move objects with your mind) First of all you have to be VERY open to this. You have to believe. Not only will you be willing it to happen, you have to make it happen.Ok first start by meditating for at least 15 minutes to get yourself in the right state of mind. Now go up to an object, i suggest a very light piece of paper, as everything else will most likely be to heavy...for now at least. Try to make this for a device to practice with. It is called a psi wheel.

1. Get a small square piece of paper. 2. Fold it in half both ways. 3. Fold it diagnol both ways. 4. Turn the paper over. 5. Fold in half and diagnol both ways again. 6. Push opposite centers together to make the wheel. 7. Get a thumb tak or pin. 8. Place the pin or tak on a serface and put the middle of the wheel,make sure the pointyy edge is pointing up if you use a tak. You've made a psi wheel! To use it concentrate on the piece of paper. Become one with the paper. Try to not think of making it spin. Just make it happen. Try using energy to push it also.NOTE: Do not get upset if it doesn't spin the first time, or even for a week. Keep trying and eventually you will get it. Just dont get angry and frustrated and smash the psi wheel and tear it up just becuase it wont spin. Learn Patience.

Pyrokinesis-(ability over fire)Again start by meditating for at least 15 minutes.Then light a candle. Stare at the candle. Imagine the flame moving and flickering.Also like in Telekinesis dont think it happening make it happen. Visualize what the outcome of the flame would be. Like it going out or getting bigger or smaller. This will also take time to develop. Just keep at it.

-Standard fire ball-Start by making a regular ki ball. Then picture yourself standing on the sun and it being very hot. Picture the suns heat and energy coming directly into the ki ball. When you have what you feel is enough energy picture the ki ball and inside it all the heat and energy swirling in the ball. Visualize it being very hot. Then visualize the energy bursting out of the ki ball and surrounding it in a flame. If this is done properly you should feel a warmth where the fire ball is.

Cryokinesis-(ability over ice)There is not really a set way in cryokinesis. You dont exactly control the ice. It has to do with techniques more. Here are some cryokinesis techniques.

-Standard ice ball-Start off by making a regular ki ball. Then picture the ki ball turning to water and into a liquid form in between your hands. Then picture the wind blowing across your hands and freezing the water into an ice ball. If this technique is succesful you should feel a little cold inbetween your hands where the ice ball is.

-Dropping temperature in room-Focus on the air around you. Then visualize the air getting colder. You being able to see your breath. Picture a thermometer and it the temperature dropping. Visualize ice forming all over the walls and your body. Visualizing everything the color blue with frost and ice on it. This technique may take a few times to get it to work properly.

Electrokinesis-(ability to control lightining)Start by meditating for atleast 15 minutes. Then get into a horse stance. This will probably work better if you are outside rather than inside. Then take your index finger and point it straight up. Visualize lightining coming down from the sky and into your finger. Bring it into your body and place it where ever you want it.

-Standdard Lightining Ball-Gather the lightining into your arm and keep gathering till it feels like pins in your arm and it feels dense. Then make a ball with the lightining.

-Psi Lightining Ball-Start by making a regular psi ball the gather the lightining directly into the psi ball. Fill the entire psi ball with lightining.